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Closes #151.

Now that all Magit-inherited faces have been replaced by faces we
define within the package itself (see #2), we can safely eliminate the
dependency on Magit itself.

We do so here, swapping out `magit` for the tighter-scoped
`magit-section`, which additionally is actually designed for
consumption as a package dependency.

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A magit-style interface to the Kubernetes command-line client.

Screenshot of Kubernetes Emacs client

This project is in early stages, but the following are implemented:

  • Live-updating lists of kubernetes resources
  • Viewing and deleting pods, configmaps and secrets
  • Switching contexts and namespaces.
  • Showing logs and exec'ing into containers
  • Describing pods


Run M-x kubernetes-overview to get started.


This package is available on the MELPA package repository. See the instructions there for how to configure Emacs to pull packages from MELPA.

Once you've set that up, use your preferred method of configuring and installing packages. If you use use-package, the forms below will get you started.

(use-package kubernetes
  :ensure t
  :commands (kubernetes-overview))

;; If you want to pull in the Evil compatibility package.
(use-package kubernetes-evil
  :ensure t
  :after kubernetes)

Otherwise, you can install the packages with M-x package-install.

Disabling automatic refresh helped many to solve issue #100. For example one can use the following configuration:

(use-package kubernetes
  :ensure t
  :commands (kubernetes-overview)
  (setq kubernetes-poll-frequency 3600
        kubernetes-redraw-frequency 3600))

Manual Installation

Requires Emacs 25 and Cask.

git clone
cd kubernetes-el
make && make install


Yes please! 😻 See