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Deployment environment variables

Parameter Description Default
PROVISIONER_NAME Name of the provisioner. If you change this, you also have to change it in the StorageClass provisioner field.
PROVISIONER_SECRET_NAMESPACE The namespace to which the secrets will be deployed. If this differs from the namespace where the rolebinding is deployed you have to adjust the role and rolebinding or use a clusterrole. PVC namespace

Install without RBAC roles

cd $GOPATH/src/
kubectl apply -f ./non-rbac

Install with RBAC roles

cd $GOPATH/src/
NAMESPACE=cephfs # change this if you want to deploy it in another namespace
sed -r -i "s/namespace: [^ ]+/namespace: $NAMESPACE/g" ./rbac/*.yaml
sed -r -i "N;s/(name: PROVISIONER_SECRET_NAMESPACE.*\n[[:space:]]*)value:.*/\1value: $NAMESPACE/" ./rbac/deployment.yaml
kubectl -n $NAMESPACE apply -f ./rbac
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