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Kubernetes DigitalOcean provisioner


You should NOT use this provisioner for new clusters!

It is recommended to switch to the official DigitalOcean CSI driver.

The provisioner will be updated on a best-effort basis, but eventually it will be removed (k8s ~1.13-1.15).


This is an simple provisioner for DigitalOcean Block Storage.


  1. Get a DigitalOcean access-token here.
    base64 the token and insert it into manifests/digitalocean-secret.yaml.
    Create the secret: kubectl create -f manifests/digitalocean-secret.yaml
  2. Deploy the RBAC policies: kubectl create -f manifests/rbac
  3. Deploy the provisioner: kubectl create -f manifests/digitalocean-provisioner.yaml
  4. Adjust the hostPath in manifests/digitalocean-flexplugin-deploy.yaml
    Deploy the flex plugin "installer": kubectl create -f manifests/digitalocean-flexplugin-deploy.yaml
  5. Modify the zone in manifests/sc.yaml
    Deploy the default StorageClass: kubectl create -f manifests/sc.yaml
  6. (optional) Try it out with the example pod and PVC
    kubectl create -f examples/pvc.yaml
    kubectl create -f examples/pod-application.yaml


  • Support multi zones
  • Rewrite flexvolume plugin in Go
  • Prevent k8s from scheduling more than 5 disks to a single droplet
  • Improve documentation