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kube-batch is a batch scheduler for Kubernetes, providing mechanisms for applications which would like to run batch jobs leveraging Kubernetes. It builds upon a decade and a half of experience on running batch workloads at scale using several systems, combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices from the open source community.

Refer to tutorial on how to use kube-batch to run batch job in Kubernetes.

Overall Architecture

The following figure describes the overall architecture and scope of kube-batch; the out-of-scope part is going to be handled by other projects.


Who uses kube-batch?

As the kube-batch Community grows, we'd like to keep track of our users. Please send a PR with your organization name.

Currently officially using kube-batch:

  1. openBCE
  2. Kubeflow
  3. Volcano
  4. Baidu Inc
  5. TuSimple
  6. MOGU Inc
  7. Vivo

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Learn how to engage with the Kubernetes community on the community page.

You can reach the maintainers of this project at:

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.