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rktlet logo

rktlet - rkt-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

Build Status

rktlet is a Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface implementation using rkt as the main container runtime. rkt is an ongoing CNCF effort to develop a pod-native container runtime.

The goal of this project is to eventually supplant the rkt package in the main Kubernetes repository.

This repository contains all design documents and code for the project.

Please note that the current (non-CRI) integration of rkt into Kubernetes lives in the kubelet package, not here.

Current Status

Currently the project is under development and being tested against Kubernetes HEAD.

Kubernetes tracking:


Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Learn how to engage with the Kubernetes community on the community page.

You can reach the maintainers of this project at:

Kubernetes Incubator

This is a Kubernetes Incubator project. The project was established 2016-01-02. The incubator team for the project is:

  • Sponsor: Tim Hockin (@thockin)
  • Champion: Yu-Ju Hong (@yujuhong)
  • SIG: sig-rktnetes & sig-node

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.