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Service Catalog lets you provision cloud services directly from the comfort of native Kubernetes tooling. This project is in incubation to bring integration with service brokers to the Kubernetes ecosystem via the Open Service Broker API.


Our goal is to have extensive use-case and functional documentation.

See the Service Catalog documentation on the main Kubernetes site, and

For details on broker servers that are compatible with this software, see the Open Service Broker API project's Getting Started guide.

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Project Status

Service Catalog recently switched to a new CRDs-based architecture. The old API Server-based implementation is available on the v0.2 branch. We support this implementation by providing bug fixes until July 2020.

We are currently working towards a beta-quality release. See the milestones list for information about the issues and PRs in current and future milestones.

The project roadmap contains information about our high-level goals for future milestones.

The release process of Service Catalog is described here.


This project's problem domain contains a few inconvenient but unavoidable overloads with other Kubernetes terms. Check out our terminology page for definitions of terms as they are used in this project.


Interested in contributing? Check out the contribution guidelines.

Also see the developer's guide for information on how to build and test the code.

We have a mailing list available here.

We have biweekly meetings - see our SIG Readme for details. For meeting agendas and notes, see Kubernetes SIG Service Catalog Agenda.

Previous meeting notes are also available: 2016-08-29 through 2017-09-17.

Kubernetes Incubator

This is a Kubernetes Incubator project. The project was established 2016-Sept-12. The incubator team for the project is:

For more information about sig-service-catalog, such as meeting times and agenda, check out the community site.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.