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Adding resources

Important: Read this doc first to understand how resources are added

Create a resource with custom rest

You can implement your own REST implementation instead of using the standard storage by providing the rest=KindREST parameter and providing a newKindREST(generic.RESTOptionsGetter) rest.Storage {} function to return the storage.

For more information on custom REST implementations, see the subresources doc

// +genclient=true

// +resource:path=foos,rest=FooREST
// +k8s:openapi-gen=true
// Foo defines some thing
type Foo struct {
    // Your resource definition here

// Initialize custom REST storage
func NewFooREST(restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) rest.Storage {
    // Initialize fields of custom REST implementation

// Your rest.Storage implementation below
// ...

Warning: NewFooREST() should not contain any non-trivial logic, besides simply initializing the fields of the struct, that represents the custom REST. See this issue for details.

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