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Azure File CSI Driver for Kubernetes

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This driver allows Kubernetes to access Azure File volume using smb and nfs protocols, csi plugin name:

Disclaimer: Deploying this driver manually is not an officially supported Microsoft product. For a fully managed and supported experience on Kubernetes, use AKS with the managed Azure file csi driver.

Project status: GA

Container Images & Kubernetes Compatibility:

Driver Version Image supported k8s version
master branch 1.21+
v1.30.0 1.21+
v1.29.2 1.21+
v1.28.7 1.21+

Driver parameters

Please refer to driver parameters


Option#1: Provide cloud provider config with Azure credentials

  • This option depends on cloud provider config file (here is config example), config file path on different clusters:
  • specify a different config file path via configmap
    create configmap "azure-cred-file" before driver starts up
    kubectl create configmap azure-cred-file --from-literal=path="/etc/kubernetes/cloud.conf" --from-literal=path-windows="C:\\k\\cloud.conf" -n kube-system
  • Cloud provider config can also be specified via kubernetes secret, check details here
  • Make sure identity used by driver has Contributor role on node resource group and virtual network resource group

Option#2: Bring your own storage account (only for SMB protocol)

This option does not depend on cloud provider config file, supports cross subscription and on-premise cluster scenario. Refer to detailed steps.

Install driver on a Kubernetes cluster





Kubernetes Development

Please refer to development guide

View CI Results

Check testgrid provider-azure-azurefile-csi-driver dashboard.