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Add Cluster API logos from CNCF (#916)

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All artwork in this repo is made available under the Linux Foundation trademark
usage [guidelines](

This text from those guidelines, and the correct and incorrect usage examples, are
particularly helpful:

> Certain marks of The Linux Foundation have been created to enable you to
> communicate compatibility or interoperability of software or products.
> In addition to the requirement that any use of a mark to make an assertion
> of compatibility must, of course, be accurate, the use of these marks must
> avoid confusion regarding The Linux Foundation’s association with the product.
> The use of the mark cannot imply that The Linux Foundation or its projects are
> sponsoring or endorsing the product.
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# Cluster API related logos and artwork

## Cluster API - It's Kubernetes all the way down

![Cluster API - It's Kubernetes all the way down](kubernetes-cluster-logos_final-02.svg)

[Pantone color reference](kubernetes-cluster-logos_2.pdf)

## Cluster API - Clusters as Cattle

![Cluster API - Clusters as Cattle](kubernetes-cluster-logos_final-01.svg)

[Pantone color reference](kubernetes-cluster-logos_1.pdf)

Use of any trademark or logo is subject to the trademark policy available at
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