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document known issue with docker installed via snap

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@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ It may additionally be helpful to:

## Contents
* [Docker on Btrfs](#docker-on-btrfs)
* [Docker installed with Snap](#docker-installed-with-snap)
* [Failing to apply overlay network](#failing-to-apply-overlay-network)
* [Failure to build node image](#failure-to-build-node-image)
* [Failure for cluster to properly start](#failure-for-cluster-to-properly-start)
@@ -43,6 +44,16 @@ As a workaround, create the following configuration in `/etc/docker/daemon.json`

After restarting the Docker daemon you should see that Docker is now using the `overlay2` storage driver instead of `btrfs`.

### Docker Installed with Snap

If you installed Docker with [snap], it is likely that `docker` commands do not
have access to `$TMPDIR`. This may break some kind commands which depend
on using temp directories (`kind build ...`).

Currently a workaround for this is setting the `TEMPDIR` environment variable to
a directory snap does have access to when working with kind.
This can for example be some directory under `$HOME`.

## Failing to apply overlay network
There are two known causes for problems while applying the overlay network
while building a kind cluster:
@@ -205,3 +216,4 @@ This problem seems to be related to a [bug in Docker][moby#9939].
[Docker resource lims]:

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