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Expand Up @@ -46,8 +46,6 @@ To reach "GA" [grade][deprecation-policy] kind needs to at minimum:
- [x] Support non-AMD64 architectures (namely ARM) - [#166]
- [ ] Automated publishing of Kubernetes release based kind "node" images - [#197]
- [x] Support for runtimes other than docker/default including podman, ignite etc.
- [ ] Enable audit-logging
- TODO: should this be post-GA? this could probably be an extension
- [x] First class support for skewed node (Kubernetes) versions (I believe this is relatively first-class now, things should work fine if you specify different node images)
- ... TBD, more will be added here ...

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title: "Auditing"
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description: |-
This guide covers how to enable Kubernetes API [auditing] on a kind cluster.

## Overview

Kubernetes auditing provides a security-relevant, chronological set of records documenting the sequence of actions in a cluster. Auditing requires a file to define the [audit policy] and a backend configuration to store the logged events. Auditing supports two types of backends: log (file) & webhook. The following exercise uses the log backend.


- Create the local audit-policy file
- Mount the local audit-policy file into the kind control plane
- Expose the control plane mounts to the API server
- Enable the auditing API flags
- Create a cluster

## Setup

### Create an `audit-policy.yaml` file

The [audit policy] defines the level of granularity outputted by the Kubernetes API server. The example below logs all requests at the "Metadata" level. See the [audit policy] docs for more examples.

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
cat <<EOF > audit-policy.yaml
kind: Policy
- level: Metadata
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

### Create a `kind-config.yaml` file.

To enable audit logging, use kind's [configuration file] to pass additional setup instructions. Kind uses `kubeadm` to provision the cluster and the configuration file has the ability to pass `kubeadmConfigPatches` for further customization.

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
cat <<EOF > kind-config.yaml
kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
- |
kind: ClusterConfiguration
# enable auditing flags on the API server
audit-log-path: /var/log/kubernetes/kube-apiserver-audit.log
audit-policy-file: /etc/kubernetes/policies/audit-policy.yaml
# mount new files / directories on the control plane
- name: audit-policies
hostPath: /etc/kubernetes/policies
mountPath: /etc/kubernetes/policies
readOnly: true
pathType: "DirectoryOrCreate"
- name: "audit-logs"
hostPath: "/var/log/kubernetes"
mountPath: "/var/log/kubernetes"
readOnly: false
pathType: DirectoryOrCreate
# mount the local file on the control plane
- hostPath: ./audit-policy.yaml
containerPath: /etc/kubernetes/policies/audit-policy.yaml
readOnly: true
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

## Launch a new cluster

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
kind create cluster --config kind-config.yaml
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

## View audit logs

Once the cluster is running, view the log files on the control plane in `/var/log/kubernetes/kube-apiserver-audit.log`.

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
docker exec kind-control-plane cat /var/log/kubernetes/kube-apiserver-audit.log
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

## Troubleshooting

If logs are not present, let's ensure a few things are in place.

### Is the local audit-policy file mounted in the control-plane?

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
docker exec kind-control-plane ls /etc/kubernetes/policies
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

Expected output:


### Does the API server contain the mounts and arguments?

{{< codeFromInline lang="bash" >}}
docker exec kind-control-plane cat /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-apiserver.yaml | grep audit
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

Expected output:

- --audit-log-path=/var/log/kubernetes/kube-apiserver-audit.log
- --audit-policy-file=/etc/kubernetes/policies/audit-policy.yaml
name: audit-logs
name: audit-policies
name: audit-logs
name: audit-policies

If the control plane requires further debugging use `docker exec -it kind-control-plane bash` to start an interactive terminal session with the container.

[audit policy]:
[configuration file]: /docs/user/configuration

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