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Adds host config backup code to the private-registry snippet

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WalkerGriggs committed Aug 8, 2019
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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ images. If possible, this is the preferable and most portable route.
See [the upstream kubernetes docs for this][imagePullSecrets],
kind does not require any special handling to use this.

If you already have the config file local but would still like to use secrets,
read through kubernetes' docs for [creating a secret from a file][imagePullFileSecrets].

## Pull to the Host and Side-Load

@@ -57,13 +59,17 @@ A credential can be programmatically added to the nodes at runtime.

If you do this then kubelet must be restarted on each node to pick up the new credentials.

An example bash snippet for doing this with with [][GCR]:
An example bash snippet for generating a [][GCR] cred file on your host machine:

# login to GCR on all your kind nodes
# KUBECONFIG should point to your kind cluster
export KUBECONFIG="$(kind get kubeconfig-path --name="kind")"
# move the host config out of the way if it exists
[ -f $HOME/.docker/config.json ] && mv $HOME/.docker/config.json $HOME/.docker/
gcloud auth print-access-token | docker login -u oauth2accesstoken --password-stdin
@@ -76,12 +82,16 @@ for node in $(kubectl get nodes -oname); do
# restart kubelet to pick up the config
docker exec ${node_name} systemctl restart kubelet.service
Move preexisting configs or clean up the new config on the host machine as needed.
# delete the temporary config
rm $HOME/.docker/config.json
# move the original, host config back if it exists
[-f $HOME/.docker/] && mv $HOME/.docker/ $HOME/.docker/config.json

[loading an image]: /docs/user/quick-start/#loading-an-image-into-your-cluster
[using a private registry]:

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