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Adding TLS certification section on private registry
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knabben committed Dec 9, 2020
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[loading an image]: /docs/user/quick-start/#loading-an-image-into-your-cluster
[using a private registry]:

#### Use a Certificate

If you have a registry authenticated with certificates, and both certificates and keys
reside on your host folder, it is possible to mount and use them into the `containerd` plugin
patching the default configuration, like in the example:

{{< codeFromInline lang="yaml" >}}
kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
# This option mounts the host docker registry folder into
# the control-plane node, allowing containerd to access them.
- containerPath: /etc/docker/certs.d/
hostPath: /etc/docker/certs.d/
- |-
cert_file = "/etc/docker/certs.d/"
key_file = "/etc/docker/certs.d/"
{{< /codeFromInline >}}

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