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@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@ image(s) and then load them to the nodes you can avoid needing to authenticate
on the nodes.

## Add Credentials to the Nodes
# Add Credentials to the Nodes

Generally the upstream docs for [using a private registry] apply, with kind
there are two options for this.

### Mount a Config File to Each Node
## Mount a Config File to Each Node

If you pre-create a docker config.json containing credential(s) on the host
you can mount it to each kind node.
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ nodes:
hostPath: /path/to/my/secret.json

### Add Credentials Programmatically
### Use an Access Token

A credential can be programmatically added to the nodes at runtime.

@@ -91,16 +91,16 @@ rm $HOME/.docker/config.json
[-f $HOME/.docker/] && mv $HOME/.docker/ $HOME/.docker/config.json

### ... with Service Accounts
### Use a Service Account

Access tokens are short lived though, so you may prefer to use a Service Account and keyfile.
Access tokens are short lived, so you may prefer to use a Service Account and keyfile instead.
First, either download the key from the console or generate one with gcloud:

gcloud iam service-accounts keys create <output.json> --iam-account <account email>

Then, replace the `gcloud auth...` line from the previous snippet with:
Then, replace the `gcloud auth print-access-token | ...` line from the [access token snippet](#use-an-access-token) with:

cat <output.json> | docker login -u _json_key --password-stdin

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