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This release contains many exciting features! Amongst other things we now have support for multi-node clusters thanks to @fabriziopandini, and fixes have been made for kind on Windows.

Breaking changes since 0.1.0

  • Default clusters will now be Kubernetes v1.13.2, and the default node image is now kindest/node:v1.13.2@sha256:e14edfa4950e009fe560499c9db6e89daae8bd18bcb372caca6d321a86c52cda
  • nodeLifecycleHooks are no longer supported in the config, we believe this feature was unused and will revisit it later, if you need this, please file an issue with your use case!
  • Deleting a cluster now attempts to delete the cluster specific KUBECONFIG file on the host (thanks @blakestoddard!)

New Features

  • The current kind Config is now at, with support for multi-node clusters! (thanks @fabriziopandini!)
  • The default image was upgraded to Kubernetes v1.13.2 (see above)
  • kind should now work on hosts where userns remap is enabled in the docker daemon (thanks @vasrem!)
  • Improved documentation (thanks @alejandrox1, @jimangel, @tao12345666333, @k8k, @timoreimann, @chuckha, @superbrothers, @benmoss!)
  • kubeadm's config is now internally v1beta1 when new enough Kubernetes images are used, this should improve stable support for future Kubernetes versions. Additionally all config objects are populated, so they may be patched via patches in kind's config.
  • When removing a KUBECONFIG file, we attempt to detect if the environment variable is set and warn about unsetting it (thanks @blakestoddard, @manparvesh!)
  • The base image now contains conntrack, in order to support installing recent kubeadm packages. by default it is now kindest/base:v20181203-d055041
  • kind build node-image now supports a --kube-root flag to explicitly specify the path to Kubernetes's source code, if unset kind will continue to auto-detect this via go's build tooling. (thanks @inercia!)


  • On Windows the KUBECONFIG files should now be placed in the default directory correctly (we now use the homedir util from client-go)
  • On Windows patching kubeadm config should work correctly
  • Recent kubeadm debian packages should be installable in the base image after adding conntrack (see above)

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Thank you for your contributions!
Additionally, special thanks to @neolit123, @krzyzacy, @munnerz, and @amwat for PR reviews!


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UPDATE: Kubernetes v1.12.2 is affected by CVE-2018-1002105; when using kind create cluster please set the image to a non-default image via the --image flag. The following Kubernetes v1.12.3 image should be suitable: kindest/node:v1.12.3@sha256:f0ecb1066697d9417365ca58410132e512ce2010763470bb28c1e8f7fef55464

A patch release will be made to upgrade this default, see #180.

kind is still alpha-grade software, and as such breaking changes will be made to future releases.

This release allows early users to pin to these pre-built binaries and avoid these changes until they intend to upgrade, rather than installing from HEAD with go get ...

NOTE: the default kind create cluster pins to a specific node image in order to avoid breakage there.

This image is: kindest/node:v1.12.2@sha256:6ac1dc1750fc0efd13d4e294115f9012a21282957e4380a5535bd32154193d4d on the current official registry.

Contributors to this release are:

Thank you for your contributions!