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@BenTheElder BenTheElder released this Mar 20, 2019 · 51 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • Default clusters will now be Kubernetes v1.13.4, the default node image is now kindest/node:v1.13.4
  • v1alpha1 config is no longer suppported, please upgrade to v1alpha3 (v1alpha2 is also suppported in this release)
  • v1alpha3 is now the default config version
    • The Config type was renamed to Cluster
    • is the default address for binding the API server port to the host, if you wish to use please set this in the networking section of Cluster config in v1alpha3
    • replicas is no longer a field on nodes, given the low node count, please write one entry per node
    • kubeadmConfigPatches and kubeadmConfigPatchesJSON6902 have moved to the Cluster level from nodes (though they were applied cluster-wide previously, and only from the bootstrap control plane node)

New Features

  • Cluster bootup should be faster on Linux in particular, many tasks are now handled in parallel
  • The CNI (weave) is bundled in the node-image, clusters should work without internet access if kindest/node is pulled ahead of time
  • support for multiple-control planes with an external-load balancer, I.E. """HA""" clusters
  • v1alpha3 now supports cluster-wide networking options, which allow for setting the API server listen address and port on the host
  • proxy support is improved
    • http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy are supported instead of their uppercase equivilants if the uppercase values are not set
    • the nodes's docker daemons will be configured with proxy settings from the host (thanks
  • Paths on the host may be bind-mounted to nodes using the new extraMounts field on nodes, to E.G. share a directory with the host and a node
  • We have a new documentation site 🎉
    • we have a logo now
  • kind is CNCF certified conformant
  • kind should work on ARM, though kubernetes images will need to be built locally for now
  • kind load docker-image and kind load image-archive are now supported for side-loading images into your cluster
  • kubeadm output from init and join will be printed when the kind loglevel is debug
  • kind is now developed with go modules instead of dep
  • Improved usage output for kind create cluster on Windows


  • CNI was upgraded to 0.7.5 in the base image
  • Docker was upgraded to 18.06.3 with patched runc
  • kubelet disk eviction and image GC are disabled for kind clusters, this prevents various failures when the host has low disk space. As kind clusters do not run on dedicated hosts, we configure Kubernetes not to reserve disk overhead.
  • Docker image archives are chowned to root:root in the node image, fixing user namespace remapping support
  • No emoji are re-used in CLI output, every action now has a unique emoji


Thanks to everyone who committed to this release! ❤️

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