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@BenTheElder BenTheElder released this 23 Jan 00:14

In v0.10.0 the most important changes we're "shipping" are about improving sustainability:

Additionally we're trying a new approach to tracking priorities for v0.11.0 which you can see in our issue tracker.

Otherwise we've made a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Some users may appreciate the ability to run kind v0.10.0 (NOT the currently installed v0.7.0) in the free Google Cloud Shell for quick demos, workshops, etc.

Simply install kind somewhere under $HOME and add it to your $PATH to use it in cloud shell:

GO111MODULE=on go get
export PATH="$(go env GOPATH)/bin:${PATH}"
kind create cluster

To persist this PATH for future usage you can edit your $HOME/.bashrc in cloudshell.

Breaking Changes

  • The default node image is a Kubernetes v1.20.2 image: kindest/node:v1.20.2@sha256:8f7ea6e7642c0da54f04a7ee10431549c0257315b3a634f6ef2fecaaedb19bab
  • We're only actively supporting Kubernetes v1.14.0+, however limited best effort functionality still encompases v1.13.0 for now.
  • Images from KIND v0.8.0+ should continue to work for now, but lack various improvements.
  • udev is explicitly disabled at the node level, though as always please try not to depend on the inner details of nodes beyond providing a particular Kubernetes version with kind
  • IPv6 pod subnet defaults to /56 instead of /64 (a necessary fix for newer Kubernetes, see #1903)

New Features

  • kind export logs now includes the kind version
  • Node images compiled without dockershim for Kubernetes v1.19+ possible, reducing size
  • Reduced kind binary size further (~7MB) with improved build options
  • Improved zsh completion
  • Experimental github actions CI for podman, docker, cgroupsv2
  • Expanded WSL2 documentation
  • Revamped contributor guide
  • Improved docs site implementation, including table of contents generation
  • Updated dependencies
  • New Loadbalancer user guide
  • Better support for running in nested container environments when using images built with v0.10.0+
    • This enables cloud shell support

New Node images have been built for kind v0.10.0, please use these exact images (IE like v1.20.2:@sha256:8f7ea6e7642c0da54f04a7ee10431549c0257315b3a634f6ef2fecaaedb19bab including the digest) or build your own as we may need to change the image format again in the future 😅

Images built for this release:

  • 1.20: kindest/node:v1.20.2@sha256:8f7ea6e7642c0da54f04a7ee10431549c0257315b3a634f6ef2fecaaedb19bab
  • 1.19: kindest/node:v1.19.7@sha256:a70639454e97a4b733f9d9b67e12c01f6b0297449d5b9cbbef87473458e26dca
  • 1.18: kindest/node:v1.18.15@sha256:5c1b980c4d0e0e8e7eb9f36f7df525d079a96169c8a8f20d8bd108c0d0889cc4
  • 1.17: kindest/node:v1.17.17@sha256:7b6369d27eee99c7a85c48ffd60e11412dc3f373658bc59b7f4d530b7056823e
  • 1.16: kindest/node:v1.16.15@sha256:c10a63a5bda231c0a379bf91aebf8ad3c79146daca59db816fb963f731852a99
  • 1.15: kindest/node:v1.15.12@sha256:67181f94f0b3072fb56509107b380e38c55e23bf60e6f052fbd8052d26052fb5
  • 1.14: kindest/node:v1.14.10@sha256:3fbed72bcac108055e46e7b4091eb6858ad628ec51bf693c21f5ec34578f6180


  • Fixed development scripts when CDPATH is in use
  • Fixed building node images with bazel when CWD is not within the source directory
  • Disabled fancy terminal output when in st (see #1924)
  • Fixed various typos
  • Improved cgroups handling
  • Improved some error messages


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release! ❤️

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