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@BenTheElder BenTheElder released this Jun 26, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

v0.4.0 brings improved networking features in particular, including initial IPv6 support and additional node port forwards. It also continues to improve speed and reliability (hopefully! 🙃)

Breaking Changes

  • The default node image is a Kubernetes v1.15.0 image kindest/node:v1.15.0@sha256:b4d092fd2b507843dd096fe6c85d06a27a0cbd740a0b32a880fe61aba24bb478
  • The deprecated version of config was removed, please switch to
  • kind build node-image --type=apt was removed. Please use kind build node-image or kind build node-image --type=bazel instead, or one of the pre-built images. A future release will re-work these commands and add support for building from upstream release tarballs.

New Features

  • Additional node port forwards may be configured with the nodes[].extraPortMappings of Cluster configuration in This can be used to access workloads more easily from the host. Expect guides using this soon!
  • Limited IPv6 support. The networking.ipFamily may be set to ipv6 in Cluster configuration to create an ipv6 enabled cluster on Linux. We have set up continuous Kubernetes conformance testing with IPv6 enabled and are working to fix the tests
  • A warning is emitted if the chosen cluster name is too long and likely to cause the generated node names to be too long.
  • make install now supports overriding INSTALL to specify an alternate tool to install and ensures the output directory
  • Support / documentation for using kind on WSL2.
  • The kind load ... sub-commands now avoid loading images that are already present
  • kubeadm v1beta2 config is now use opportunistically for recent enough Kubernetes versions
  • Reduced startup time for single-node clusters in particular

New Node have been Images for kind v0.4.0, please use these exact images or build your own as we may need to change the image format again in the future 😅

  • kindest/node:v1.15.0@sha256:b4d092fd2b507843dd096fe6c85d06a27a0cbd740a0b32a880fe61aba24bb478
  • kindest/node:v1.14.3@sha256:583166c121482848cd6509fbac525dd62d503c52a84ff45c338ee7e8b5cfe114
  • kindest/node:v1.13.7@sha256:f3f1cfc2318d1eb88d91253a9c5fa45f6e9121b6b1e65aea6c7ef59f1549aaaf
  • kindest/node:v1.12.9@sha256:bcb79eb3cd6550c1ba9584ce57c832dcd6e442913678d2785307a7ad9addc029
  • kindest/node:v1.11.10@sha256:176845d919899daef63d0dbd1cf62f79902c38b8d2a86e5fa041e491ab795d33


  • The generated KUBECONFIG file references the API Server by listen address (IP) instead of localhost (domain), which is more correct and should work on systems without a valid localhost entry (!)
  • The new kind images should work on ipv4 only hosts with ipv6 fully disabled
  • The node subnet is properly added included in NO_PROXY on the nodes when proxy settings are detected
  • Clusters with multiple control plane nodes now have proper healthchecks of the API servers in the external loadbalancer
  • Minor cleanup and typo fixes


Thanks again to everyone who committed to this release! You all are the best! ❤️

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