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v0.7.0 notably brings greatly improved support for dynamic PersistentVolumes by way of integration for clusters with Kubernetes v1.12.X or greater.

It is also worth noting that kind is now committed to IPv6 PR testing and running 80% of the GCE presubmit test cases on Kubernetes Pull Requests.

Breaking Changes

  • The default node image is a Kubernetes v1.17.0 image kindest/node:v1.17.0@sha256:9512edae126da271b66b990b6fff768fbb7cd786c7d39e86bdf55906352fdf62
  • Node images built with kind v0.7.0 have many improvements and require kind v0.5.0+, images built with older releases should continue to work.
    • To get the new dynamic PV support you must upgrade both kind and your node image(s) to this release or newer. The images are compatible with older releases but only both a newer kind CLI and newer images together will enable the updated PV support.
    • When the new PV support enabled by these versions the default storage class is changed from the previous based implementation.

New Features

  • Dynamic PersistentVolume Support is greatly enhanced with integration out of the box
  • Upgraded dependencies around the board, notably including fixes to the CNI portmap plugin to reduce flakiness
  • Documentation Enhancements
    • We have started an effort to comprehensively cover configuration in the docs
    • We have a dedicated guide for using Ingress
    • Added more resources
    • Improved site code, in particular added copyable snippets
    • Other assorted smaller improvements
  • Again show one box emoji per node being provisioned

New Node have been Images for kind v0.7.0, please use these exact images (IE like kindest/node:v1.16.4@sha256:b91a2c2317a000f3a783489dfb755064177dbc3a0b2f4147d50f04825d016f55) or build your own as we may need to change the image format again in the future 😅

Kubernetes Version @ digest

  • v1.18.0 @ sha256:0e20578828edd939d25eb98496a685c76c98d54084932f76069f886ec315d694
  • v1.17.0 @ sha256:9512edae126da271b66b990b6fff768fbb7cd786c7d39e86bdf55906352fdf62
  • v1.16.4 @ sha256:b91a2c2317a000f3a783489dfb755064177dbc3a0b2f4147d50f04825d016f55
  • v1.15.7 @ sha256:e2df133f80ef633c53c0200114fce2ed5e1f6947477dbc83261a6a921169488d
  • v1.14.10 @ sha256:81ae5a3237c779efc4dda43cc81c696f88a194abcc4f8fa34f86cf674aa14977
  • v1.13.12 @sha256:5e8ae1a4e39f3d151d420ef912e18368745a2ede6d20ea87506920cd947a7e3a
  • v1.12.10 @ sha256:68a6581f64b54994b824708286fafc37f1227b7b54cbb8865182ce1e036ed1cc
  • v1.11.10 @ sha256:e6f3dade95b7cb74081c5b9f3291aaaa6026a90a977e0b990778b6adc9ea6248


  • Improved messaging in a number of user facing errors
  • Disabled GINKGO_FLAKE_ATTEMPTS when testing
  • Fixed local image check
  • When the default kubeconfig is empty / non-existent, kind create cluster and kind export kubeconfig will preserve extra fields from kubeadm, notably apiVersion and kind (though they are not strictly necessary...)
  • Reduced cruft in base image


Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this release! ❤️

Users whose commits are in this release (alphabetically by user name)