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Add plugin list page (#202)

Introduces a lightweight that can be linked in onboarding docs
at the "krew" repo as well as this "krew-index" repo.

Supersedes kubernetes-sigs/krew#303.

Signed-off-by: Ahmet Alp Balkan <>
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@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ This is the Plugin Index Repository for [krew kubectl plugin manager][krew].


You can find a list of kubectl plugins available on krew in the
[`./plugins` directory](./plugins).
You can find a list of kubectl plugins available on krew [here](./
or in the [`./plugins` directory](./plugins).

## Submitting new plugins

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## Available kubectl plugins

The following kubectl plugins are currently available
on [Krew plugin index](

To install these kubectl plugins:

1. [Install Krew](
2. Run `kubectl krew install PLUGIN_NAME` to install a plugin via Krew.

Name | Description | Stars
---- | ----------- | -----
[access-matrix]( | Show an RBAC access matrix for server resources | ![GitHub stars](
[bulk-action]( | Do bulk actions on Kubernetes resources. | ![GitHub stars](
[ca-cert]( | Print the PEM CA certificate of the current cluster | ![GitHub stars](
[change-ns]( | View or change the current namespace via kubectl. | ![GitHub stars](
[config-cleanup]( | Automatically clean up your kubeconfig | ![GitHub stars](
[cssh]( | SSH into Kubernetes nodes | ![GitHub stars](
[debug-shell]( | Create pod with interactive kube-shell. | ![GitHub stars](
[eksporter]( | Export resources and removes a pre-defined set of fields for later import | ![GitHub stars](
[exec-as]( | Like kubectl exec, but offers a `user` flag to exec as root or any other user. | ![GitHub stars](
[exec-cronjob]( | Run a CronJob immediately as Job | ![GitHub stars](
[get-all]( | Like 'kubectl get all', but _really_ everything | ![GitHub stars](
[gke-credentials]( | Fetch credentials for GKE clusters | ![GitHub stars](
[grep]( | Filter Kubernetes resources by matching their names | ![GitHub stars](
[iexec]( | Interactive selection tool for `kubectl exec` | ![GitHub stars](
[ingress-nginx]( | Interact with ingress-nginx | ![GitHub stars](
[konfig]( | Merge, split or import kubeconfig files | ![GitHub stars](
[krew]( | Package manager for kubectl plugins. | ![GitHub stars](
[kubesec-scan]( | Scan Kubernetes resources with | ![GitHub stars](
[kudo]( | Declaratively build, install, and run operators using KUDO. |
[match-name]( | Match names of pods and other API objects | ![GitHub stars](
[mtail]( | Tail logs from multiple pods matching label selector | ![GitHub stars](
[neat]( | Remove clutter from Kubernetes manifests to make them more readable. | ![GitHub stars](
[node-admin]( | List nodes and run privileged pod with chroot | ![GitHub stars](
[oidc-login]( | Log in to the OpenID Connect provider | ![GitHub stars](
[open-svc]( | Open the Kubernetes URL(s) for the specified service in your browser. | ![GitHub stars](
[outdated]( | Finds outdated container images running in a cluster | ![GitHub stars](
[pod-logs]( | Display a list of pods to get logs from | ![GitHub stars](
[pod-shell]( | Display a list of pods to execute a shell in | ![GitHub stars](
[preflight]( | Executes application preflight tests in a cluster | ![GitHub stars](
[prompt]( | Prompts for user confirmation when executing commands in critical namespaces or clusters, i.e., production. | ![GitHub stars](
[prune-unused]( | Prune unused resources | ![GitHub stars](
[rbac-lookup]( | Reverse lookup for RBAC | ![GitHub stars](
[rbac-view]( | A tool to visualize your RBAC permissions. | ![GitHub stars](
[resource-capacity]( | Provides an overview of resource requests, limits, and utilization | ![GitHub stars](
[restart]( | Restarts a pod with the given name | ![GitHub stars](
[rm-standalone-pods]( | Remove all pods without owner references | ![GitHub stars](
[sniff]( | easly start a remote packet capture on kubernetes pods using tcpdump and wireshark | ![GitHub stars](
[sort-manifests]( | Sort manfest files in a proper order by Kind | ![GitHub stars](
[ssh-jump]( | A kubectl plugin to SSH into Kubernetes nodes using a SSH jump host Pod | ![GitHub stars](
[sudo]( | Run Kubernetes commands impersonated as group system:masters | ![GitHub stars](
[support-bundle]( | Creates support bundles for off-cluster analysis | ![GitHub stars](
[tail]( | Stream logs from multiple pods and containers using simple, dynamic source selection. | ![GitHub stars](
[view-secret]( | Decode secrets | ![GitHub stars](
[view-serviceaccount-kubeconfig]( | Show a kubeconfig setting to access the apiserver with a specified serviceaccount. | ![GitHub stars](
[view-utilization]( | Shows cluster cpu and memory utilization | ![GitHub stars](
[virt]( | Control KubeVirt virtual machines using virtctl |
[warp]( | Sync and execute local files in Pod | ![GitHub stars](
[who-can]( | Shows who has RBAC permissions to access Kubernetes resources | ![GitHub stars](


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