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update (#280)

costmetics updates mostly.

Signed-off-by: Ahmet Alp Balkan <>
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# krew-index

This is the Plugin Index Repository for [krew kubectl plugin manager][krew].
This is the centralized plugin index for [krew kubectl plugin manager][krew].

* As a kubectl user: Through [krew][krew], you can discover available kubectl
plugins hosted in this repository.
* As a kubectl plugin developer: You can publish your plugins in this
repository and make it available to others.


You can find a list of kubectl plugins available on krew [here](./
or in the [`./plugins` directory](./plugins).
## Available kubectl plugins

[See this list](./ or the [`./plugins` directory](./plugins)
directory. You can also install [krew][krew] and list available plugins with:

kubectl krew search

## Submitting new plugins

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