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Krew logo

Krew logo is designed by @iboonox and it is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.

Krew logo follows the nautical theme of Kubernetes: The tentacles wrapping around the crate refer to tentacles of a cuttlefish, which is the mascot of kubectl project, and the crate represents a kubectl plugin package.

Available logo types

Type Preview

Logo assets

Type Color Scheme Format
horizontal (text next to the icon) colored [png] [svg]
horizontal (text next to the icon) black [png] [svg]
horizontal (text next to the icon) white [png] [svg]
stacked (text below the icon) colored [png] [svg]
stacked (text below the icon) black [png] [svg]
stacked (text below the icon) white [png] [svg]
icon-only colored [png] [svg]
icon-only black [png] [svg]
icon-only white [png] [svg]