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Releasing Krew

(This document is intended for maintainers of Krew only.)

Build/Test the release locally

  1. Build krew reelase assets locally:

  2. Try krew installation on each platform:

    krew=out/bin/krew-darwin_amd64 # assuming macOS amd64
    for osarch in darwin_amd64 darwin_arm64 linux_amd64 linux_arm linux_arm64 windows_amd64; do
      KREW_ROOT="$(mktemp -d --tmpdir krew-XXXXXXXXXX)" KREW_OS="${osarch%_*}" KREW_ARCH="${osarch#*_}" \
          $krew install --manifest=out/krew.yaml --archive="out/krew-${osarch}.tar.gz"

Release a new version

Krew follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. Krew tags versions starting with v. Example: v0.2.0-rc.1.

  1. Decide on a version number: set it to $TAG variable:

    TAG=v0.3.2-rc.1 # <- change this
  2. Create a release commit:

    git commit -am "Release ${TAG:?TAG required}" --allow-empty
  3. Push PR and merge changes: The repository hooks forbid direct pushes to master, so the changes from the previous step need to be pushed and merged as a regular PR.

    git push origin master

    (Only repository administrators can directly push to master branch.)

  4. Wait until the build succeeds: Wait for CI to show green for the build of the commit you just pushed to master branch.

  5. Tag the release:

    git fetch origin
    git reset --hard origin/master    # when the previous merge is done
    release_notes="$(TAG=$TAG hack/"
    git tag -a "${TAG:?TAG required}" -m "${release_notes}"
  6. Verify the release instructions:

    git show "${TAG:?TAG required}"
  7. Push the tag:

    git push origin "${TAG:?TAG required}"
  8. Verify on Releases tab on GitHub: Make sure krew.yaml, krew.tar.gz and other release assets show up on "Releases" tab.

  9. Make the new version available on krew index: Get the latest krew.yaml from

    curl -LO"${TAG:?TAG required}"/krew.yaml

    and make a pull request to krew-index repository. This will make the plugin available to upgrade for users using older versions of krew.

  10. Update krew-index CI: The CI tests for krew-index repository relies on tools from main krew repository, and they should use the latest version. When there's a new version, update the .travis.yml in krew-index repo.

Release artifacts

When a tag is pushed to the repository, GitHub workflow will make a release on GitHub, and upload the release artifacts as files on the release.