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Releasing plugin updates

When you have a newer version of your plugin, you can update your plugin manifest at the krew-index repository to distribute this new version to your users.

This manual operation looks like:

  1. Update the version, uri, and sha256 fields of the plugin manifest file.
  2. [Test plugin installation locally]({{< ref "../" >}})
  3. Make a pull request to krew-index to update the plugin manifest file.

Note: Ideally, the specified version: field should match the release tag of the plugin. This helps users and maintainers to easily identify which version of the plugin they have installed.

If you only change the version, uri and sha256 fields of your plugin manifest, your pull request will be automatically approved, tested, and merged (see an example).

You can [automate releasing plugin updates]({{< ref "" >}}) if you're publishing your plugins on GitHub.