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Submitting plugins to Krew

Krew maintains a centralized plugin index at the krew-index repository. This repository is cloned on each Krew user’s machine to help them find existing plugins.

Pre-submit checklist

  1. Review the [Krew plugin naming guide]({{< ref "../develop/" >}}).
  2. Read the [plugin development best practices]({{< ref "../develop/" >}}).
  3. Make sure your plugin’s source code is available as open source.
  4. Adopt an open source license, and add it to your plugin archive file.
  5. Make sure to extract the LICENSE file during the plugin installation.
  6. Tag a git release with a semantic version (e.g. v1.0.0).
  7. [Test your plugin installation locally]({{< ref "../" >}}).

Submitting a plugin to krew-index

Once you've run through the checklist above, create a pull request to the krew-index repository with your plugin manifest file (e.g. example.yaml) to the plugins/ directory.

After your pull request is merged, users will be able to find and [install]({{< ref "../../user-guide/" >}}) your plugin through Krew.