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docs: Improvements to release doc (#415)

Signed-off-by: Ahmet Alp Balkan <>
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@@ -43,6 +43,13 @@ Krew tags versions starting with `v`. Example: `v0.2.0-rc.1`.
master, so the changes from the previous step need to be pushed and merged
as a regular PR.

git push origin master

(Only repository administrators can directly push to master branch.)

1. **Wait until the build succeeds:** Wait for Travis CI to show green for the
build for the commit you just pushed to master branch.

1. **Tag the release:**

@@ -60,19 +67,21 @@ Krew tags versions starting with `v`. Example: `v0.2.0-rc.1`.

git push origin "${TAG:?TAG required}"

1. **Verify on Releases tab on GitHub**
1. **Verify on Releases tab on GitHub:** Make sure `krew.yaml`, `krew.tar.gz`
and other release assets show up on "Releases" tab.

1. **Make the new version available on krew index:** Get the latest `krew.yaml` from

curl -LO
curl -LO"${TAG:?TAG required}"/krew.yaml

and make a pull request to
[krew-index]( repository.
This will make the plugin available to upgrade for users using older versions
of krew.

1. **Update krew-index CI**: For validating manifests, the CI should use the latest version
(see `.travis.yml` in `krew-index` the repository).
1. **Update krew-index CI**: The CI tests for `krew-index` repository relies on
tools from main `krew` repository, and they should use the latest version.
When there's a new version, update the `.travis.yml` in `krew-index` repo.

## Release artifacts

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