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Merge pull request #1232 from gosharplite/patch-1

Fix minor typo
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k8s-ci-robot committed Dec 3, 2019
2 parents 03f70fb + 93e9649 commit 696e8274156173403a50d319a7af7d0feed8f2ba
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@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ controller-gen, using the same syntax as markers. For instance, to
generate CRDs with "trivial versions" (no version conversion webhooks), we
call `controller-gen crd:trivialVersions=true paths=./api/...`.

controller-gen also supports different output "rules" to controller how
controller-gen also supports different output "rules" to control how
and where output goes. Notice the `manifests` make rule (condensed
slightly to only generate CRDs):

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