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1. Ensure you activate module support before continue (`$ export GO111MODULE=on`)
1. Build the project by using the command `make build`
1. Run the tests by using the command `make test`
1. Run the command `make install` to create a bin with the source code

## How to test kubebuilder locally

1. Run the tests by using the command `make test`. It will execute unit tests.
1. Run the script `make generate` to update/generate the mock data used in the e2e test in `$GOPATH/src/`

**IMPORTANT:** The `make generate` is very helpful. By using it, you can check if good part of the commands still working successfully after the changes. Also, note that its usage is a pre-requirement to submit a PR.

## Where the CI Tests are configured?

1. See the [Travis](.travis.yml) file to check its tests and the scripts used on it.
1. Note that the prow tests used in the CI are configured in [kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder/kubebuilder-presubmits.yaml](
1. Check that all scripts used by the CI are defined in the project.

## Community, discussion and support

Learn how to engage with the Kubernetes community on the [community page](

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