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@DirectXMan12 DirectXMan12 released this Jan 8, 2021


changes since v3.0.0-alpha.0

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • change structure to store crdVersion and webhookversion (go/v3-alpha) (#1899)
  • (go/v3) stabilize and default the plugin (#1882)

New Features

  • Remove spaces from machine-readable comments (#1868)
  • (go/v3) Add the --force option for the webhook (#1903)
  • add new extension to markers in order to allow work with .yml (#1907)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Use correct file name in the comments of [kind]_types.go (#1927)
  • Fix --force option to recreate the files by kubebuilder create api (#1847)
  • Fix the path of probes (go/v3-alpha) (#1905)

Thanks to all our contributors!

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@DirectXMan12 DirectXMan12 released this Dec 12, 2020 · 27 commits to release-3 since this release


changes since v2.3.1

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • (go/v3-alpha) bump controller-runtime to v0.7.0 (#1886)
  • pkg/cli overhaul (#1828)
  • (go/v3-alpha) Align flag names with Kubernetes Components (#1852)
  • (go/v3-alpha) Adding support for scaffolding with a versioned ComponentConfig (#1790)
  • (go/v3-alpha) bump cert-manager CRs to v1 (#1840)
  • Re-organize pkg/plugin directory (#1822)
  • (go/v3-alpha) default to v1 CRDs and webhooks (#1644)
  • (go/v3-alpha) Makefile: install kustomize and controller-gen locally (#1813)
  • Provide version information as a CLI option (#1773)
  • (go/v3-alpha) deps: bump controller-runtime to v0.7.0-alpha.6 (#1804)
  • Go module fullfillment for v2+ (#1792)
  • upgrade controller-tool dep from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0 (go/v3-alpha only) (#1787)
  • [Rename] Disambiguate plugin by calling subcommand what the plugin getters returns instead of plugin (#1748)
  • Generate controllers with API Group name as package names in multi-group projects (only Go plugin v3) (#1729)
  • Update kubebuilder cli and plugin v3+ to use go version 1.15 (#1716)

New Features

  • Change the webhook GVK in help text to match kb create api (#1881)
  • (go/v3-alpha) Add the liveness and readiness probe in the manager deployment (#1856)
  • upgrade controller-runtime from v0.6.3 to v0.6.4 (go/v2 only) (#1880)
  • upgrade controller-rutime from v0.7.0-alpha.6 to v0.7.0-alpha.8 (go/v3-alpha) (#1875)
  • add make run option for webhooks (go/v3-alpha) (#1846)
  • go/v3-alpha: bump KustomizeVersion to v3.8.7 (#1838)
  • (go/v3-alpha) *: Replace 'docker build . -t ${IMG}' with '-t ${IMG} .' (#1817)
  • Add the liveness and readiness probe in the manager deployment (#1795)
  • Suggestions for create and alpha commands (#1775)
  • Upgrade the version of kubernetes to v1.18.0 for local e2e tests (#1744)
  • Provide a cli option to enable and disable completion command (#1776)
  • Cleanup in the controller and webhook suites scaffolding (go/v3-alpha) (#1760)
  • remove v1 version and only shows --plugins flag when the project version is != V2 (#1763)
  • Add copyright and license to scaffolded webhook suite test file (#1758)
  • Add scaffolding for the webhook test suite (go/v3-alpha) (#1710)
  • Make the edit command to be a plugin. (#1691)
  • add comments for the exported methods in generated controllers (only v3+) (#1690)
  • Add all kubernetes auth plugins for Azure, OIDC and gcp (only v3+) (#1742)
  • not allow to init the project in a directory that is not cleaned (v3+ only) (#1738)
  • feat(logging): make logging work by default (only v3+) (#1721)
  • Move the webhookcainjection_patch.yaml file creation from init project to webhook creation (#1728)
  • upgrade controller-runtime from v0.6.2 to v0.6.3 (#1715)
  • replace deprecated function LoggerTo() from zap package (only v3+) (#1692)
  • Added support for empty group in kubebuilder api creation with v3+ #1404 (#1679)
  • Added the changes for include finalizer as a default controller markers (#1688)
  • specify nonroot uid for manager (v3+ only) (#1635)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • (go/v3-alpha) add to leader-election-role (#1809)
  • kubebuilder edit ignore the errors if the project layout is already on same type (#1754)
  • Fix the kubebuilder api creation when resource creation is set to false (#1770)
  • fix copyright info when has not a owner set (#1749)
  • Fix the webhook creation for defaulting webhooks (#1718)
  • use for the auth proxy client (#1731)
  • Remove unneeded caBundle value from webhook patches (V3 only) (#1699)
  • Add validation for the main.go file present in root directory (#1726)
  • check if resource exist to allow to create webhooks (#1708)
  • fix: the CRD paths is only ../.. when is multigroup (#1682)
  • Fix CRD Path for Multigroup (#1673)

Sort these by hand

  • 👻 Enhance regex patterns (#1745)
  • Update flect from v0.2.1 to v0.2.2 (#1698)
  • :seeding: rename to (#1683)
  • Fix 1680: Usage of nonexistent namespace in cronjob example tests (#1681)
  • doc: update testadata projects used in the tutorial (#1632)
  • doc: correct minor grammar mistakes (#1670)
  • doc: update reference with name of page (#1662)
  • dev(dx): lint improvements (use github actions to call it) (#1649)
  • docs: added a full stop for better readbility (#1661)
  • fix title: lost "needs" (#1658)
  • feat: envtest setup via target with docs (v3 only) (#1626)
  • doc: makefile helpers nit fix (#1648)
  • Fix path to generated main.go (#1643)
  • docs/book: fix small typos (#1638)
  • cleanup: organize templates in the same structure that they are scaffolded (#1623)
  • doc: add makefile helpers (#1631)
  • cleanup-book: remove docs/book/src/migration/testdata (#1499)
  • Fix old link to envtest docs that should have been removed (#1624)
  • pkg/model/config: only project versions >= v3 can use plugins config options (#1628)
  • using built in finalizer function and fix some syntax (#1629)
  • pkg/plugin/{v2,v3}: controller-runtime v0.6.2 (#1625)
  • pkg/plugin/v2: use config project name if project version is v3+ (#1611)
  • fix: script call for linux (#1610)
  • plugins: change project name config tag, add pkg/model/file.ProjectNameMixin (#1609)
  • feat: add script in the repo to setup envtest (#1608)
  • config: add project-name config key and optional init --project-name (#1603)
  • Fix typos (#1601)
  • pkg/plugin/v3: use repo instead of directory basename as project name (#1596)
  • cleanup: Remove the word sanity from our codebase (#1594)
  • Add missing kubebuilder annotation to the getting started document (#1587)
  • doc: replace links to with links to (#1588)
  • fix crd-version-pref url (#1580)
  • feat: add dockerignore file to the scaffold (V3 only) (#1506)
  • Add envtest testing docs to extend cronjob example (#1521)
  • Check if has Scaffold before exec (#1577)
  • feat: add undeploy IMG option (V3 only) (#1571)
  • feat: improve go test for the scaffolded projects due checking race conditionals (v3 only) (#1570)
  • feat: add go test with -race conditional (#1569)
  • feat: add group in the controller logs for multi-group (#1568)
  • upgrade lint version and perform fixes (#1572)
  • OWNERS_ALIASES: add estroz to approvers (#1565)
  • Fix typo in deleteExternalResources comment (#1495)
  • doc: fix controller typo (#1567)
  • fix: remove role for configmaps/status which do not exists from leader_election_role.yaml (#1511)
  • fix: controller alias for multigroups (v3) (#1498)
  • clean up via go mod tidy : remove module added v3.5.1+incompatible (#1566)
  • A small correction (#1561)
  • pkg/cli/init.go: make flag help consistent (#1564)
  • Add pwittrock to approvers (#1563)
  • pkg/plugin/v3: add plugin v3-alpha (#1551)
  • Docs: Fix invalid URL to Kubernetes reference docs in Using Finalizers (#1560)
  • Black Lives Matter (#1553)
  • pkg/plugin/plugin.go: correct version stage comparison (#1552)
  • pkg: refactor scaffolds and machinery under plugins (#1550)
  • docs: Fix a literal typo and incorrect list (#1548)
  • pkg/model/config: wrap plugin config in types (#1549)
  • *: remove plugin minor/patch versions (#1547)
  • pkg/cli: resolve --plugins/layout value by semantic version (#1536)
  • pkg/cli: only allow one default plugin per project version (#1542)
  • fix: fixed version of which should be used (#1527)
  • pkg/cli: use cmd error idiom for 'init' and plugin keys in cmd errors (#1540)
  • fix: validate plugins : allow many versions of the same plugin (#1535)
  • doc: add versions information to the contribution guidelines (#1528)
  • FIX: fix for controller-runtime 0.6.0 GetFieldIndexer().IndexField ctx param (#1533)
  • add patch verb to events in the leader_election_role (#1510)
  • fix: unable to build multigroup projects (#1507)
  • allow test utils be extended (#1520)
  • fix-ci: new update of kubebuilder-declarative-pattern (#1532)
  • docs: example of age print column (#1516)
  • makefile: use $(KUSTOMIZE) variable instead of binary name directly (#1523)
  • update testdata to fix CI (#1515)
  • feat: scaffolded by default the subresource status (#1484)
  • upgrade controller-runtime from v0.5.0 to v0.6.0 (#1497)
  • feat: remove update command which was useful just for v1 (#1489)
  • remove the deprecated flags: depArgs and dep. Use fetch-deps instead of them. (#1490)
  • fix: master branch CI with mock testdata update (#1504)
  • upgrade controller-tools version from v0.2.5 to v0.3.0 (#1482)
  • Add contribution link to the book (#1494)
  • Clean Code - Remove V1 implementation (#1355)
  • Plugins Phase 1 (#1469)
  • test scripts: add missing addons test, some refactoring (#1449)
  • Install kustomize if not present (#1430)
  • Clean the GO mod files by removing the unnecessary indirect imports (#1454)
  • Using utilruntime.Must() for adding schemes (#1462)
  • update the go check for the minimal required version (#1460)
  • Implement Wrapper interface for errors (#1349)
  • Add bash/zsh completion command (#1437)
  • Update doc certmanager 0.11 group and version change (#1444)
  • Cherry-pick f6508e6 (update kubebuilder version to 2.3.1) (#1451)

Thanks to all our contributors!

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  • v2.3.1
  • 8b53abe
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  • v2.3.1
  • 8b53abe
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@mengqiy mengqiy released this Mar 26, 2020 · 463 commits to master since this release


39a45e3 📖 document how to udpate kubebuilder book
18fb351 📖 note multiversion kubectl behavior
46e9db0 Add Adirio as a reviewer
60deebb Add logos to book
8b726b0 Added explanatory note about the index
ec671a5 Clarifying a sentence re: backwards compatability
b2a1f45 Delegate config checks to the config model
43c42a5 Include the missing envtest import.
7d747cf add mock testdata for plugins with --pattern=addon
6c89111 bump kube-rbac-proxy to v0.5.0
5c754a3 declarative pattern: Support cluster scoped types
231408e fix pattern addon template
095ce7b fix: master branch broken ci - update testdata
b70e9ca improvements for contributors
3e39118 internal/config/config.go: use DefaultVersion instead of version string directly

Assets 7
  • v2.3.0
  • 800f63a
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  • v2.3.0
  • 800f63a
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@mengqiy mengqiy released this Feb 28, 2020 · 493 commits to master since this release

Kubebuilder supports multi-group project now.


3da1b84 📖 admission webhook for core types
0de1a5f 📖 update command in running webhook section
a800e88 📖 use v2.2.0 in quick start
d360f01 🐛 end users should not have permissions to edit */status
7971516 🐛 scaffold clusterrole for access the protected metrics
8a2d01e 🏃 fix kubebuilder go links
d092194 bump CR to v0.5.0 and CT to v0.2.5
e3e6626 default leader election ID using hash of repo + domain name
cb7c1c2 Add interface validation check for missing types
0a274ac Add webhook scaffolding to docs
80395c5 Added copyrights - #1281
232a8d0 Addressing NITs raised in 1375 to improve the documentation of the scaffolder
debd22c Bikeshed styling on code blocks in books a bit
dc1f625 Bump up the version of kind to 0.7.0
fdb36ac Clean old users from the OWNERS file
ca41e56 Create resource Options to split the two step resource creation into two different types
5a4e54e Delegate go vet and go fmt to golangci-lint
a697d90 Delete file scaffolding tests in unitary tests as they are overlapping with the golden test
41765a3 Enable linters for golangci-lint
63fc6f8 Extract from templates internal subpackage the file updating machinery
fd794bf Fix "if modules enabled" check in
db6e519 Fix Travis goimports linting error
fdba716 Fix a typo and a broken link.
62cefce Fix code errors in finalizer example
ed8438e Fix issues raised by Go Report Card (mainly comments and style related changes)
93e9649 Fix minor typo
d120230 Fix multiversion deployment example
95874c7 Fix the wrong tests link
5e48395 Fix typo
9e15b44 Fix unofficial way of handling already existing files
db66ebd Fix wrong paths in multi-group migratig doc
266e1ab Gofmt -s related fixes
4e7ec4b Group and order imports
733fe41 Homogenize all File receivers to f
6d5e8bb Homogenize commands through Scaffolder interface
6534660 Include PROJECT file information into model.Universe
887037d Introduce .golangci.yml
9d7c064 Move configuration file related types and functions to separate package
f3a1adc Move file related models to pkg/model/file
f96d453 Move scaffold machinery to its own internal package
66baebf Move templates to internal package
461ef84 OWNERS,OWNER_ALIASES: add joelanford as reviewer
e68184b OWNERS: add estroz to reviewers
df46138 Order Travis stages
d2ae129 Order linters
f9f8f59 Remove ignoreNotFound and rely on client
4d00eb5 Remove noop validations
cbbb005 Remove outdated utils code
e4b49e8 Remove overlapping tests with Prow
99f5668 Remove scaffolding fields that were not used
ae308ba Resolve package and variable name collision
ec5c4ad Resource replacer that injects resource information into strings
2326246 Split injecting fields and validating files
e49d943 Support mixed case Kind
e80f0a1 Template interface (phase 1)
6f191bf Template interface (phase 2) including insert code fragments logic
435f946 Template mixins
7bbf76b Update /testdata autogenerated copyrights to 2020
9f597a2 Update OWNERS and OWNERS_ALIASES files to new format
06844da Update book
9989706 Update guestbook types in Quick Start
d46d729 Use zap helpers
b94203f Validate resources for webhooks and tests
1e47a41 Verify that AdmissionWebhooks implements File
aba2d3f add camilamacedo86 as approver
5b31a7e add doc to setup Prometheus via operator and remove ref of manager_prometheus_metrics_patch.yaml which is no longer used in v2
1d356a3 add missing lints to keep enabled all default ones
b647850 add new interface system and link to feature branch
6e1ddab adding scafold file fixes for travis
c284873 clarify sentence on project type; add Name() to Plugin interface
15f19e7 community: fix discussion group links
53afd47 designs: extensible CLI and scaffolding plugins
46b0632 doc: add info to check changes in the docs
1256310 doc: improve manager info
e9a2da6 docs/book: small grammar/spelling tweaks
6fef12e enable gocycle lint check
ade6f5f enable golint check
c52ba01 enable golint lll check
c581f28 enable gosec
c6f43a6 enable lint goconst
9c34b13 enable lint-goimport check
9398071 enable maligned lint check
5187a15 explain PROJECT file updates and plugin version/name conventions
24d31be feat add coverage tests
e748595 feat(lint) : add golangci-lint
af8cf2d feat: add multigroup support for v2
9776f54 fix invalid validation marker in example in
19f09b7 fix matchLabel missing in ServiceMonitor template
3294fac helpfully show progress of kubebuilder download
3546827 improve travis
0a44620 replace pkg/runtime/log for pkg/log in just the v2 scaffolding.
82dc507 repository and sub-project name is cluster-addons now
4240869 scaffold: Don't hardcode the boilerplate path in the Makefile
3c9a09f tests: delete kind cluster after e2e
a3c965b upgrade golangci version used to v1.23.3
5dba28f use suggested wording
a370c78 🏃 Bump k8s tools to 1.16.4
6f5dad5 🏃‍♂️ fix kind kubeconfig export and docs
d2c8166 🛠 fix prow presubmits

Assets 7
  • v2.2.0
  • 0824a13
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  • v2.2.0
  • 0824a13
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@mengqiy mengqiy released this Nov 19, 2019 · 683 commits to master since this release

Kubecon 2019 Edition


8076235 🏃 Design for CRD version conversion
b2376f6 bump CR to v0.4.0 and CT to v0.2.4
a3f3553 Cleanup scaffolded imports
958f5ed Command cleanup
a024127 Delegate resource validation to itself
9ceebf0 Deprecate v1 projects
842d71e Deprecated use removal from the book
44b6b2a Do not use capital letter at the start nor puntuation signs at the end of error strings
cdc066f Document lack of controller manager in integration tests
7623c75 Don't rewrite potentially shared values
f4c81fe Extract Resource from v1 specific package
3701163 Fix position of envtest reference in book ToC
edcb053 Fix syntax highlighting & append in envtest ref
367d3f6 Handle creation of duplicate API resources
7b632b2 Mark other templates as const also
dcd5eb2 Remove duplicate code
4d63aef Rename v1/resource dir to v1/crd
07c0904 Update resource.go
ad021c9 Update resource_test.go
23aeb52 Update resource_test.go
a94e0c8 Use blank identifiers for unused funtion/method paramenters.
d6616b6 add Schema Reconciler attr in the tutorial, design ddoc and plugins scaffold
26adffc add camilamacedo86 as reviewer
2a98119 add required flags validation for create api command
563c037 add validation for the name of the project in the init
c69268a adding parser instead of yaml.v2
bb4132d addoms/controller: fixup import paths
03a457e chore: add make uninstall target
083b3ae chore: add vscode to gitignore
1a954bd chore: go mod updates
3b3bb21 chore: update testdata
66cdfec code formating
8f1f81f doc( : improvements and add tests info
081a114 feat(rbac) : add editor and viewer role for crds
fe52a52 fix(ci) : update go version in docker images
75606ae fix: tidy up modules
c7c98f8 plugins/addon: perform replacements for type and controller
f8b626c refac(ci/scripts): centralize code and remove duplications
74c71d2 solve issue with groups with . as
45bb01f updated quick-start to use 2.1.0 release
2a8ba1b upgrade project and test to use go 1.13

Assets 7
  • v2.1.0
  • 51b5360
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  • v2.1.0
  • 51b5360
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@droot droot released this Oct 28, 2019 · 757 commits to master since this release


3f5480f 📖 updated quick-start to use 2.0.1 release
f199c8e 🏃 added demo script
daca585 🏃 bump up k8s tools to 1.15.5
da02981 🏃 bumped up CR to 0.3.0 and CT to 0.2.2 version
7467920 🏃 enable running tests in prow
8e1b8d7 🏃 improve v2 e2e tests logging
122a922 🏃 more robust golden test
dc46aa0 🏃 update the demo movie to 2.0.1 release
572de55 bump kube-rbac-proxy to v0.4.1
74acfe6 Add custom prometheus metrics documentation
c4294c6 Add e2e tests for support to Prometheus by Operator
937688e Add support to Prometheus by Operator
47a77a9 DESIGN: Fix a few typos
729e307 Document envtest options
9f4e030 Document marker syntax for maps
595a372 Fix typo in .github/
557136d Fixed printer column examples in the generating-crd reference doc
2af6849 Fixup PR/issue templates
dd8204a Formal Contributor Roles
b2fa751 Remove incorrect link text and GitBook reference
61362ec Replace GitBook instructions with mdBook instructions
fd29f1e Replace group name regex validation for isDNS1123Subdomain from
fc17c9f Update certmanager 0.11 group and version change
215b5a5 Updated docs
d40b12f Use zap.New instead of zap.Logger in ctrl.SetLogger
8c64e50 add new unit test to ensure that groups as my-example will be allowed
c952c6c add schema for CRD controllers
a986054 doc(quick) : small improvements in order to improve the experience of new users
661f50b doc(quick-start) : improvements
cf22feb feat(makefile improvements): add help, desc of targets and their prerequirements steps
9e767ee feat(upgrade kind dep/module): from '' to ''
a07f5ac fix add missing import in the controller
f3f297c fix ci by spliting the tests for version
498abad fix contribution steps
bd6a18d fix quick start links
29cefed fix webhook by adding validation in its resources
1ef5f94 fix webhook by adding validation in its resources
1794891 fix(ci): By using fix version of dep which is compatible with go 1.12
fa6cbfb fix(makefile) : upgrade ontroller-gen from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2 in the target generate-setup
f8ebaed fix: Error in the scaffold files when the group name has
0a3c076 fix: remove tmp/vendor.v1.tgz to ensure that it will work always
e5de24e improve pr templates
d1250f8 scaffold: Fix scaffoldig typo
ef5c0ba scaffold: Remove trailing whitespace in generated Dockerfile
d1565e7 update testdata with schema in the controller
bec8316 update testdata with support to Prometheus Operator resources

Assets 7
  • v2.0.1
  • 855513f
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  • v2.0.1
  • 855513f
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@droot droot released this Sep 24, 2019 · 841 commits to master since this release


03cedbb 📖 update the installation instructions to use 2.0.0 release
e6e1b99 🏃 bumped up controller-runtime/tools version
8d73b15 🏃 parameterize controller-runtime/tools version
b44e697 🏃 use kustomize v3.1.0 for testing
992ecdf Add KB/SDK integration design document
4b7529b Add int64 to numbers section in api-design doc
f9e2ae1 Add some very rudimentary testing tips
78de0ea Allow group names with dash
7842bde Fix link of v1-project
722b905 Plugin model; --pattern=addon flag that generates an addon operator
7af89cb Setup user on docker image to run it as no root by using and the targetPort 9843 for webhoocks
b025968 Ship arm64 and ppc64le binaries
d2a10ec Update CronJob tutorial
42f35fc Update Quick Start guide
79db6e9 Update
670f1bf clarify usage text on init --repo flag
de899bd getting starte to contribute with. Add makefile commands and improve CONTRIBUTING.MD
d4e274b redirect link updates
f8b5f28 remove _ because 2 return value range's first return value is index
be61609 test binary and container image redirects and docs

Assets 7
  • v2.0.0
  • b31cc5d
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  • v2.0.0
  • b31cc5d
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@droot droot released this Aug 22, 2019 · 878 commits to master since this release


bfe53a5 📖 updated instructions to install 2.0.0-rc.0 release
10718c6 🏃 update controller-{runtime, tools} to v0.2.0
7262641 Fixed a minor issue in the directory structure shown in examples of kubebuilder create api --help command
5631729 Switch to use rc.0 in the cronjob tutorial
7c78573 allow running cronjob tutorial w/o webhoooks
9e2c893 ginkgo: Print the name of the golden file we are matching

Assets 5

@droot droot released this Aug 16, 2019 · 889 commits to master since this release


5c79a48 📖 Fix cronjob tutorial to delete and get next schedule correctly
2a88104 📖 add ValidateDelete in the book
d4b08e3 📖 add a note for bootstrapping webhooks for pods
30717ac 📖 add the missing scheme back
fa9ab4e 📖 migration guide
65162ac 📖 move away from the deprecated patches field
959815d 📖 multiple version tutorial
f10c8e0 📖 project before migration
1742cb3 📖 update kubebuilder and kustomize version
13f50c3 🐛 help/version command fails when default repo is not initialized
4b56820 🏃 bumped up controller-runtime/tools to 0.2.0-rc.0
253e6d4 🏃 remove install script test
394decc replace patches with patchesStrategicMerge
ef48443 scaffold ValidateDelete for validating webhook
5b7bcab use kustomize to apply CRDs
efb4541 Add controller-gen CLI options to book
d604f5a Add custom CSS for marker docs
59cb973 Add links to each literate code file in book
19929ec Add links to tutorial source to book
b8d5089 Add manual multi-group instructions to the book
3f24ddf Add markers docs pages
5a5d859 Adding the GO111MODULE environment variable
bcbc96d Basic Project docs: Add blank lines before code blocks to fix formatting
10145f5 Book typo fixes
6bb1680 Change makefile in v2 scaffolding to use ./...
e24520f Clean up last few TODO links
be13268 Download controller-gen when building book
8851c82 Ensure litgo is gofmt-friendly
bd3baa9 Fix multiversion tutorial
38200ab Fix newlines around code in litgo
8b95d51 Generate docs with controller-gen v0.2.0-beta.5
b1893ed Hide the copy buttons on code snippets in book
374733c Make book collapsed code a bit less intrusive
1d2b7fa Make the code expandos a bit more pretty
24a973e Makefile: Create manifests with 'run' target
b662aea Modified Makefile for the Kustomization IMG Flag changes
3c44f60 Rename "User Guides" to "Migrations" in Book
eb8cd5a Split up multiversion tutorial, use CronJob
b56318b Style warning note in book
7a8ee61 Update CRD Generation Reference Docs
0a0571c fix typo 'reconsitute' => 'reconstitute'
8defb79 fixed some typos in the book
e6efaa1 introduce markdocs plugin
74ea6c7 move litgo into own directory & refactor
3af6929 scaffold: update code examples to be valid
94d3fd1 typos: minor spelling corrections in design docs
73e446b 🐛 Fix subresource:status typo in gitbook

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@mengqiy mengqiy released this Jul 19, 2019 · 965 commits to master since this release


6aea2c7 📖 add webhook documents
54e782a 📖 added CRD generation reference for v2 docs
85d1343 📖 docs for using finalizers
583c1c0 📖 fix broken pieces in our book
dcb5e8b 📖 fix root help text
6456c91 📖 fix typos
1214703 📖 replace some todo links to the documentation
3deb70f 📖 update project deploy config
aa6442f 📖 update quickstart to use 2.0.0-alpha.4 release
a9f290d 🐛 enabled resource marker to fix scope handling
a802720 🐛 fix a bug in create webhook command
8580775 🐛 grant manager permissions to create events
54d1d1c 🏃 add e2e tests for v2
92e4e7a 🏃 drop API tests scaffolding in 'create api'
c92f36e 🏃 remove git-lfs usage
bc674b3 🏃 updated controller-tools to 0.2.0-beta.4 release
877319f 🏃 use a released version of kustomize
ec4fa49 🏃 use vendor tarball from GCS bucket
f0a987e dynamically register commands based on PROJECT version.
327fc52 kustomize restricts about the scope of var definition
1afe5ad scaffold the webhook builder
1054163 scheme should have all builtin types registered by default
148510f Add existing k8s types to new scheme
f15273f Added information about how to make kustomize executable
f53caa1 Added the missing link for controller reference
bf99d26 Comment fix
2bc79cd Don't use packages.Load's underscore paths
3a14938 Fix a few typos in the kubebuilder book
859c14e Fix broken dir listing by using github URLs
21265ea Fix link to the --domain setting
4efaf0f Fix typo in
0a1357f Fix up most of the links
324afcf Rename Gopkg.toml to go.mod in help usage
4954cc6 Resolve some of the links in basic-project
c913df2 Update
d4e2054 controller-gen doc: enum values are separated with semicolon, not comma
056e403 fix enable-leader-election overriden by patch.
047077a fix minor typos
dbed15f fix the example validation for minimum length of string type
36c2828 fix typo
648d42b fix: Replace deprecated module inflect
3b5dff5 fix: additonal->additional
087ad86 fix: golangci-lint passes against a new project
ded3363 remove gopath for accessing binaries.

Assets 5
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