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  • 1.0.0 introduces big architectural change in the project/code structure. 1.0.0 projects uses client and controller libraries developed under controller-runtime repo. It uses tools from controller-tools repo for scaffolding and manifests (CRD/RBAC) generation. Try it.
  • 1.0.0 will continue to support projects generated using older version (pre 1.0.0 version) of Kubebuilder, but we would highly recommend migrating to newer version. Follow instructions for migration your project to 1.0.0 version.
  • Docs for legacy version can be accessed at

Known Issues

  • kubebuilder docs command for new projects is not supported currently. Work is in progress and should be fixed in couple of weeks.


fc6a7c1 Add migration guide
c360931 Add project v1 support
aedadeb Add standard error handling options to test.sh / test_existing_projects.sh
dbb0efd Add vendor dependency on boilerplate verifier
b832f34 Address PR comments
7cc57ec Address PR comments
cff952d Address PR comments and udpate quickstart
f8684ab Change blockquotes to code blocks
4ee5550 Change enqueuing items to use Add instead of AddRateLimited.
84d9376 Check the error from CodeGenerator Execute
edf5608 Enhancement on Yesno()
23d371e Fix header for cmd/
8ae5a45 Fix headers for build/
0671f9f Fix headers for pkg/
6635d58 Fix headers on root scripts
4beb5f1 GitBook updates for 1.0
31a7658 Set default to v1 commands
7fed477 Speed up tests by caching deps
ec5c8fa Switch to application pattern for hello world
053a8a7 Tune up migration/difference docs
b4a39c0 add --namespaced flag and tests
88726be add e2e test for v1 kubebuilder
8d52e26 basic test for v1
b3a31d1 change github handle
84a29b7 enabled reconciler-example in api scaffolding
50adf53 fixed the fsnotify dependency
b629c74 gitbook: docs update for 1.0.0
41533b9 implemented vendor update
14bffff overriding creating example reconcile bodyoption if not creating resource
f897958 remove webhook cert generator pkg. It's available at sigs.k8s.io/controller-runtime/admission/cert/generator
eab5a09 update controller-tools vendor
06164dd update controller-tools vendor
cbadf53 update kubebuilder_v0_v1_difference.md
92b3d64 update vendor
6df8e35 updated scaffolding project/api to keep it in sync with controller-tools
a2444c4 updated the controller-tools dependencies
9f6bc6d updated the controller-tools dependency
dff01c4 updated the controller-tools pkg
d56edf8 updated the controller-tools vendor dir
6540fe6 updated vendor deps for kubebuilder cmd pkg.