@droot droot released this Oct 16, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

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557f735 (WIP) Add subresource annotation documents in gitbook
c106197 Add missing type to ContainerSetStatus example
4adca08 Allow additional arguments to be provided to dep
cdd95c6 Fix CLI help text for init command
76f19b4 Update GitBook
4bc439c Update GitBook with finalizers
243bc2f Update Quick Start Guide
2319f2d Update contributing guide
254f91c Update gitbook with webhooks
5c1e6fb Update init.go
1a1f80c add alpha webhook cmd
22f1006 add required pkgs for dep and update vendor
2336462 book: added section for using finalizers
536d619 book: updated js packages and re-generated HTMLs
8227962 change import path to use vanity URL sigs.k8s.io
3a51c0c check in generated deepcopy go files
c4a61e0 cleanup kubebulder-gen
a4da674 cleanup: deleted old docs
039df2a cleanup: deleted pkgs used by v0 projects
67ccc5b deleted all the v0 commands
a0a9e4a drop scaffold pkg from vendor
883ca64 drop support for legacy (v0) projects
611f43f fix alignment issue in finalizers doc
f084285 fix cloud build
7b138f1 improved Go version check
d2255fe move scaffold pkg from controller-tools
2c1cb3b move test project from controller-tools
639d8c5 move vendor from cmd/ to root
8915bdd moved v1 cmds to main pkg and restructured wiring of commands
ff42deb not check in arch and os specific node_modules
9e5af44 refactor: moved init.go to main pkg
0dee064 remove v0 e2e tests
5714d0c support webhook scaffolding
504afbd update RELEASE instructions for gitbook
297dd73 update instructions of how to run gitbook
4e9eac3 update vendor
e3caf3d updated the controller-tools pkg under vendor dir
9e6a9a1 webhook gitbook