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These are design documents for changes to KubeBuilder (and cross-repository changes for related projects, like controller-runtime and controller-tools). They exist to help document the design processes that go into writing KubeBuilder, but may not be up-to-date (more below).

Not all changes to KubeBuilder need a design document -- only major ones. Use your best judgement.

When submitting a design document, we encourage having written a proof-of-concept, and it's perfectly acceptable to submit the proof-of-concept PR simulatenously with the design document, as the proof-of-concept process can help iron out wrinkles and can help with the Example section of the template.

Out-of-Date Designs

KubeBuilder documentation (the book and the GoDoc) should be considered the canonical, update-to-date reference and architectural documentation for KubeBuilder.

However, if you see an out-of-date design document, feel free to submit a PR marking it as such, and add an addendum linking to issues documenting why things changed. For example:

# Out of Date

This change is out of date.  It turns out curly braces a frustrating to
type, so we had to abandon functions entirely, and have users specify
custom functionality using strings of Common LISP instead.  See #000 for
more information.
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