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Release Process

The Kubespray Project is released on an as-needed basis. The process is as follows:

  1. An issue is proposing a new release with a changelog since the last release
  2. At least one of the OWNERS must LGTM this release
  3. An OWNER runs git tag -s $VERSION and inserts the changelog and pushes the tag with git push $VERSION
  4. The release issue is closed
  5. An announcement email is sent to with the subject [ANNOUNCE] Kubespray $VERSION is released

Major/minor releases, merge freezes and milestones

  • Kubespray does not maintain stable branches for releases. Releases are tags, not branches, and there are no backports. Therefore, there is no need for merge freezes as well.

  • Fixes for major releases (vX.x.0) and minor releases (vX.Y.x) are delivered via maintenance releases (vX.Y.Z) and assigned to the corresponding open milestone (vX.Y). That milestone remains open for the major/minor releases support lifetime, which ends once the milestone closed. Then only a next major or minor release can be done.

  • Kubespray major and minor releases are bound to the given kube_version major/minor version numbers and other components' arbitrary versions, like etcd or network plugins. Older or newer versions are not supported and not tested for the given release.

  • There is no unstable releases and no APIs, thus Kubespray doesn't follow semver. Every version describes only a stable release. Breaking changes, if any introduced by changed defaults or non-contrib ansible roles' playbooks, shall be described in the release notes. Other breaking changes, if any in the contributed addons or bound versions of Kubernetes and other components, are considered out of Kubespray scope and are up to the components' teams to deal with and document.

  • Minor releases can change components' versions, but not the major kube_version. Greater kube_version requires a new major or minor release. For example, if Kubespray v2.0.0 is bound to kube_version: 1.4.x, calico_version: 0.22.0, etcd_version: v3.0.6, then Kubespray v2.1.0 may be bound to only minor changes to kube_version, like v1.5.1 and any changes to other components, like etcd v4, or calico 1.2.3. And Kubespray v3.x.x shall be bound to kube_version: 2.x.x respectively.

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