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Kueue is a set of APIs and controller for job queueing. It is a job-level manager that decides when a job should be admitted to start (as in pods can be created) and when it should stop (as in active pods should be deleted).

Why use Kueue

Kueue is a lean controller that you can install on top of a vanilla Kubernetes cluster. Kueue does not replace any existing Kubernetes components. Kueue is compatible with cloud environments where:

  • Compute resources are elastic and can be scaled up and down.
  • Compute resources are heterogeneous (in architecture, availability, price, etc.).

Kueue APIs allow you to express:

  • Quotas and policies for fair sharing among tenants.
  • Resource fungibility: if a resource flavor is fully utilized, Kueue can admit the job using a different flavor.

The main design principle for Kueue is to avoid duplicating mature functionality in Kubernetes components and well-established third-party controllers. Autoscaling, pod-to-node scheduling and job lifecycle management are the responsibility of cluster-autoscaler, kube-scheduler and kube-controller-manager, respectively. Advanced admission control can be delegated to controllers such as gatekeeper.

Production Readiness status

  • ✔️ Coverage with unit and integration tests: ~72%

  • ✔️ Up-to-date documentation.

  • ✔️ Monitoring via metrics

  • ✔️ API validation and defaulting.

  • Scalability tests in progress.

  • ⚠️ Latest API version: v1alpha2.

    Based on community feedback, we continue to simplify and evolve the API to address new use cases.


Requires Kubernetes 1.22 or newer.

To install the latest release of Kueue in your cluster, run the following command:

kubectl apply -f

The controller runs in the kueue-system namespace.

Read the installation guide to learn more.


A minimal configuration can be set by running the samples:

kubectl apply -f config/samples/single-clusterqueue-setup.yaml

Then you can run a job with:

kubectl create -f config/samples/sample-job.yaml

Learn more about:


Learn more about the architecture of Kueue with the following design docs:

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Learn how to engage with the Kubernetes community on the community page.

You can reach the maintainers of this project at:

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.