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// Copyright 2019 The Kubernetes Authors.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
// Package types holds struct definitions that should find a better home.
package types
import (
const (
KustomizationVersion = ""
KustomizationKind = "Kustomization"
// TypeMeta partially copies apimachinery/pkg/apis/meta/v1.TypeMeta
// No need for a direct dependence; the fields are stable.
type TypeMeta struct {
Kind string `json:"kind,omitempty" yaml:"kind,omitempty"`
APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion,omitempty" yaml:"apiVersion,omitempty"`
// Kustomization holds the information needed to generate customized k8s api resources.
type Kustomization struct {
TypeMeta `json:",inline" yaml:",inline"`
// Operators - what kustomize can do.
// NamePrefix will prefix the names of all resources mentioned in the kustomization
// file including generated configmaps and secrets.
NamePrefix string `json:"namePrefix,omitempty" yaml:"namePrefix,omitempty"`
// NameSuffix will suffix the names of all resources mentioned in the kustomization
// file including generated configmaps and secrets.
NameSuffix string `json:"nameSuffix,omitempty" yaml:"nameSuffix,omitempty"`
// Namespace to add to all objects.
Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty" yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
// CommonLabels to add to all objects and selectors.
CommonLabels map[string]string `json:"commonLabels,omitempty" yaml:"commonLabels,omitempty"`
// CommonAnnotations to add to all objects.
CommonAnnotations map[string]string `json:"commonAnnotations,omitempty" yaml:"commonAnnotations,omitempty"`
// PatchesStrategicMerge specifies the relative path to a file
// containing a strategic merge patch. Format documented at
// URLs and globs are not supported.
PatchesStrategicMerge []PatchStrategicMerge `json:"patchesStrategicMerge,omitempty" yaml:"patchesStrategicMerge,omitempty"`
// JSONPatches is a list of JSONPatch for applying JSON patch.
// Format documented at
// and
PatchesJson6902 []PatchJson6902 `json:"patchesJson6902,omitempty" yaml:"patchesJson6902,omitempty"`
// Patches is a list of patches, where each one can be either a
// Strategic Merge Patch or a JSON patch.
// Each patch can be applied to multiple target objects.
Patches []Patch `json:"patches,omitempty" yaml:"patches,omitempty"`
// Images is a list of (image name, new name, new tag or digest)
// for changing image names, tags or digests. This can also be achieved with a
// patch, but this operator is simpler to specify.
Images []image.Image `json:"images,omitempty" yaml:"images,omitempty"`
// Replicas is a list of {resourcename, count} that allows for simpler replica
// specification. This can also be done with a patch.
Replicas []Replica `json:"replicas,omitempty" yaml:"replicas,omitempty"`
// Vars allow things modified by kustomize to be injected into a
// kubernetes object specification. A var is a name (e.g. FOO) associated
// with a field in a specific resource instance. The field must
// contain a value of type string/bool/int/float, and defaults to the name field
// of the instance. Any appearance of "$(FOO)" in the object
// spec will be replaced at kustomize build time, after the final
// value of the specified field has been determined.
Vars []Var `json:"vars,omitempty" yaml:"vars,omitempty"`
// Operands - what kustomize operates on.
// Resources specifies relative paths to files holding YAML representations
// of kubernetes API objects, or specifcations of other kustomizations
// via relative paths, absolute paths, or URLs.
Resources []string `json:"resources,omitempty" yaml:"resources,omitempty"`
// Crds specifies relative paths to Custom Resource Definition files.
// This allows custom resources to be recognized as operands, making
// it possible to add them to the Resources list.
// CRDs themselves are not modified.
Crds []string `json:"crds,omitempty" yaml:"crds,omitempty"`
// Deprecated.
// Anything that would have been specified here should
// be specified in the Resources field instead.
Bases []string `json:"bases,omitempty" yaml:"bases,omitempty"`
// Generators (operators that create operands)
// ConfigMapGenerator is a list of configmaps to generate from
// local data (one configMap per list item).
// The resulting resource is a normal operand, subject to
// name prefixing, patching, etc. By default, the name of
// the map will have a suffix hash generated from its contents.
ConfigMapGenerator []ConfigMapArgs `json:"configMapGenerator,omitempty" yaml:"configMapGenerator,omitempty"`
// SecretGenerator is a list of secrets to generate from
// local data (one secret per list item).
// The resulting resource is a normal operand, subject to
// name prefixing, patching, etc. By default, the name of
// the map will have a suffix hash generated from its contents.
SecretGenerator []SecretArgs `json:"secretGenerator,omitempty" yaml:"secretGenerator,omitempty"`
// GeneratorOptions modify behavior of all ConfigMap and Secret generators.
GeneratorOptions *GeneratorOptions `json:"generatorOptions,omitempty" yaml:"generatorOptions,omitempty"`
// Configurations is a list of transformer configuration files
Configurations []string `json:"configurations,omitempty" yaml:"configurations,omitempty"`
// Generators is a list of files containing custom generators
Generators []string `json:"generators,omitempty" yaml:"generators,omitempty"`
// Transformers is a list of files containing transformers
Transformers []string `json:"transformers,omitempty" yaml:"transformers,omitempty"`
// Inventory appends an object that contains the record
// of all other objects, which can be used in apply, prune and delete
Inventory *Inventory `json:"inventory,omitempty" yaml:"inventory,omitempty"`
//go:generate stringer -type=GarbagePolicy
type GarbagePolicy int
const (
GarbageIgnore GarbagePolicy = iota + 1
// FixKustomizationPostUnmarshalling fixes things
// like empty fields that should not be empty, or
// moving content of deprecated fields to newer
// fields.
func (k *Kustomization) FixKustomizationPostUnmarshalling() {
if k.APIVersion == "" {
k.APIVersion = KustomizationVersion
if k.Kind == "" {
k.Kind = KustomizationKind
for _, b := range k.Bases {
k.Resources = append(k.Resources, b)
k.Bases = nil
func (k *Kustomization) EnforceFields() []string {
var errs []string
if k.APIVersion != "" && k.APIVersion != KustomizationVersion {
errs = append(errs, "apiVersion should be "+KustomizationVersion)
if k.Kind != "" && k.Kind != KustomizationKind {
errs = append(errs, "kind should be "+KustomizationKind)
return errs
// PluginConfig holds plugin configuration.
type PluginConfig struct {
// DirectoryPath is an absolute path to a
// directory containing kustomize plugins.
// This directory may contain subdirectories
// further categorizing plugins.
DirectoryPath string
// Enabled is true if plugins are enabled.
Enabled bool
type PluginType string
func (p PluginType) IsUndefined() bool {
return p == PluginType("")
// KVSource represents a KV plugin backend.
type KVSource struct {
PluginType PluginType `json:"pluginType,omitempty" yaml:"pluginType,omitempty"`
Name string `json:"name,omitempty" yaml:"name,omitempty"`
Args []string `json:"args,omitempty" yaml:"args,omitempty"`
type Inventory struct {
Type string `json:"type,omitempty" yaml:"type,omitempty"`
ConfigMap NameArgs `json:"configMap,omitempty" yaml:"configMap,omitempty"`
type NameArgs struct {
Name string `json:"name,omitempty" yaml:"name,omitempty"`
Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty" yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
// PatchJson6902 represents a json patch for an object
// with format documented
type PatchJson6902 struct {
// PatchTarget refers to a Kubernetes object that the json patch will be
// applied to. It must refer to a Kubernetes resource under the
// purview of this kustomization. PatchTarget should use the
// raw name of the object (the name specified in its YAML,
// before addition of a namePrefix and a nameSuffix).
Target *PatchTarget `json:"target" yaml:"target"`
// relative file path for a json patch file inside a kustomization
Path string `json:"path,omitempty" yaml:"path,omitempty"`
// inline patch string
Patch string `json:"patch,omitempty" yaml:"patch,omitempty"`
// Patch represent either a Strategic Merge Patch or a JSON patch
// and its targets.
// The content of the patch can either be from a file
// or from an inline string.
type Patch struct {
// Path is a relative file path to the patch file.
Path string `json:"path,omitempty" yaml:"path,omitempty"`
// Patch is the content of a patch.
Patch string `json:"patch,omitempty" yaml:"patch,omitempty"`
// Target points to the resources that the patch is applied to
Target *Selector `json:"target,omitempty" yaml:"target,omitempty"`
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