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These examples assume that kustomize is on your $PATH.

They are covered by pre-commit tests, and should work with HEAD

go get sigs.k8s.io/kustomize
  • hello world - Deploy multiple (differently configured) variants of a simple Hello World server.

  • LDAP - Deploy multiple (differently configured) variants of a LDAP server.

  • mySql - Create a MySQL production configuration from scratch.

  • springboot - Create a Spring Boot application production configuration from scratch.

  • combineConfigs - Mixing configuration data from different owners (e.g. devops/SRE and developers).

  • configGenerations - Rolling update when ConfigMapGenerator changes

  • generatorOptions - Modifying behavior of all ConfigMap and Secret generators.

  • breakfast - Customize breakfast for Alice and Bob.

  • vars - Injecting k8s runtime data into container arguments (e.g. to point wordpress to a SQL service) by vars.

  • image tags - Updating image tags without applying a patch.

  • multibases - Composing three variants (dev, staging, production) with a common base.

  • remote target - Building a kustomization from a github URL

  • json patch - Apply a json patch in a kustomization

  • transformer configs - Customize transformer configurations