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@aramase aramase released this 26 Jul 18:07
· 3 commits to release-0.1 since this release

Announcement 馃摙

  • --filtered-watch-secret has been enabled by default in v0.1.0 release. Refer to #550 for more info.
  • Note to Providers: Return files in gRPC responses to the driver is now the recommended approach. See #551
  • CustomResourceDefinitions in helm charts have been moved from templates to crds directory. pre-upgrade hooks have been added to manage the lifecycle of CRDs during install/upgrade.
  • 鉂 Rollback to previous helm chart versions after installing v0.1.0 will result in an error.

Breaking Changes 鈿狅笍

Features 馃寛

Bug Fixes 馃悶

Documentation 馃摌

Testing 馃挌

Helm 馃搱

  • 鉂 Move crds to crds dir for helm3 and installCRDs flag for supporting helm3 ( #289, @Evalle)
  • move default annotations out of conditional (#629, @aramase)
  • Crd upgrade via helm hooks (#623, @nilekhc)
  • add keep-crd upgrade hook (#656, @aramase)

Maintenance 馃敡

  • upgrades controller-runtime to v0.9.0 (#593, @nilekhc)
  • update to debian-base v1.7.2 and update packages to fix CVEs (#603, @aramase)
  • add warning message for sync secret forbidden error (#606, @aramase)
  • update debian base to buster-v1.8.0 (#609, @aramase)
  • removes local cache used for rotation (#598, @nilekhc)
  • revert changes from deploy and add to manifest_staging (#630, @aramase)
  • switch to using distroless base image for driver-crds (#643, @aramase)

Driver images are hosted in GCR at