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A library for writing external provisioners. See external-storage for community-maintained external provisioners that use this library.



Contains the Provisioner interface and ProvisionController, a custom Kubernetes controller that watches PersistentVolumes and PersistentVolumeClaims. Implement the Provisioner interface, pass the implementation to a ProvisionController, and Run the controller, which then takes care of calling the Provisioner's Provision or Delete as needed.

Optional Packages


Contains an assortment of useful functions, e.g. any used by in-tree plugins that aren't otherwise easily importable.

gidallocator and allocator

gidallocator is used to allocate a GID from a range specified by StorageClass parameters gidMin & gidMax. allocator is the underlying implementation and can be used to write other allocators. An example use-case for gidallocator is an NFS-based provisioner that chowns each export to a unique GID. See Volume Security for more context. Adapted from the in-tree glusterfs plugin.


Is used to read the mount table. Copied from moby.

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