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Kubernetes Slack Infra

This repo contains tooling for the Kubernetes slack instance.

We have the following tools:

  • slack-event-log: Event logging for global Kubernetes events. Watch users join, create/remove emoji, and so forth.
  • slack-report-message: Enables users to optionally anonymously report messages, and sends those reports to some Slack channel
  • slack-moderator: Like slack-report-message, but if a Slack Admin or Owner uses the "report" button, instead lets them remove users and/or their content.
  • slack-moderator-words: Displays a message to users if they use non-inclusive langauge
  • slack-welcomer: Sends a welcome message to every user who joins Slack.
  • slack-post-message: Enables users who are part of a given slack usergroup(s), to post message in multiple channel(s) using a Modal form
  • Tempelis: Control your Slack setup with yaml config files. Combine with a CI system to implement Slack GitOps.

Talk to us

Discussion of slack-infra is on the Kubernetes slack in #slack-infra. Need an invite? Grab one from!


For the purposes of the Kubernetes slack, we run these tools in a Kubernetes cluster (of course). You can see our configuration for that in the cluster directory.

For a lower-effort deployment, we also support deployment to Google App Engine, with more deployment options coming soon. The READMEs for each tool discuss deployment of each of them.

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.