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vSphere storage Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin
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Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for vSphere

This repository provides tools and scripts for building and testing csi-vsphere. The driver is an alpha state and should not be used in production.

On Kubernetes, the CSI driver is for use in conjunction with the out of tree vSphere CCM.

The driver has been tested with Kubernetes 1.13 and 1.14, but due to internal K8s API changes during that cycle, an upgrade path for using csi-vsphere while moving from 1.13 to 1.14 has not been documented.

Building the CSI driver

This section outlines how to build the driver with and without Docker.

Building locally

Build locally with the following command:

$ git clone && \
  make -C vsphere-csi-driver

The project uses Go modules and:

  • Requires Go 1.11+
  • Should not be cloned into the $GOPATH

Building with Docker

It is also possible to build the driver with Docker in order to ensure a clean build environment:

$ git clone && \
  make -C vsphere-csi-driver build-with-docker


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.

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