Containers, scripts and documentation for running Kubernetes tests with Windows nodes
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This repo is a collection of scripts, containers, and documentation needed to run Kubernetes test passes on clusters with Windows worker nodes. It is maintained by sig-windows.

Running a e2e test pass

This section is still a work-in-progress and will be changed as we continue to move in files from other repos.

Daily test passes are scheduled by Prow (see: config), and results are on TestGrid.

Cluster Setup

Running SIG-Windows tests

All of the SIG-Windows tests are included in the e2e.test binary. You need to set a few options to connect to the cluster, and use the right Windows images.

export KUBECONFIG=path/to/kubeconfig
curl -o repo_list
export KUBE_TEST_REPO_LIST=$(pwd)/repo_list

./e2e.test --provider=local --ginkgo.noColor --ginkgo.focus="\[sig-windows\]" --node-os-distro="windows"

Running adapted Conformance tests

TODO: copy & simplify steps from

Building Tests




images/ - has all of the container images used in e2e test passes and the scripts to build them. They are replacement Windows containers for those in kubernetes/test/images