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wojtek-t and k8s-publishing-bot Cleanup versioning serializer
Kubernetes-commit: c2140d7ce106f958a91d663590294aab8082fc8b
Latest commit 5211412 Jul 19, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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schema Update etcd client to 3.3.9 Oct 1, 2018
serializer Cleanup versioning serializer Jul 19, 2019
codec.go Always select the in-memory group/version as a target when decoding f… Jan 29, 2019
codec_check.go fix err message and small change in UX Jun 13, 2017
conversion.go fix type in runtime conversion.go Aug 27, 2018
conversion_test.go apimachinery+apiserver: extract test types to work w/ deepcopy-gen Jul 16, 2017
converter.go Cleanup: Audit log and error capitalization Jun 30, 2019
converter_test.go Fix typo Jan 7, 2019
doc.go apimachinery/pkg/runtime/doc: Split list into paragraphs Jul 17, 2018
embedded.go apimachinery: runtime: cleanup code Jul 3, 2018
embedded_test.go apimachinery: simplify deepcopy calls Aug 29, 2017
error.go Implement a strict deserialization mode for api-machinery Apr 9, 2019
extension.go apimachinery: runtime: cleanup comments Jul 3, 2018
extension_test.go RawExtension unmarshal will produce empty objects if the original obj… Aug 29, 2017
generated.pb.go Update etcd client to 3.3.9 Oct 1, 2018
generated.proto generated proto: remove trailing whitespace Oct 25, 2018
helper.go Move DirectEncoder to runtime, add `.WithoutConversion()` on CodecFac… Apr 3, 2019
interfaces.go Set expected in-memory version when decoding unstructured objects fro… Jun 5, 2019
mapper.go Add GetResourceMapper to admission ObjectInterfaces May 13, 2019
register.go apimachinery: remove unneeded GetObjectKind() impls Jul 16, 2017
scheme.go Fix a typo: coverting -> converting Aug 1, 2018
scheme_builder.go start the apimachinery repo Jan 11, 2017
scheme_test.go Update gofmt for go1.11 Oct 5, 2018
swagger_doc_generator.go Remove traces of go2idl Aug 29, 2017
swagger_doc_generator_test.go start the apimachinery repo Jan 11, 2017
types.go Kubelet should request protobuf from the apiserver Mar 21, 2019
types_proto.go start the apimachinery repo Jan 11, 2017
zz_generated.deepcopy.go Update generated files Jun 29, 2018
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