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@losipiuk losipiuk released this Jun 10, 2019 · 14 commits to cluster-autoscaler-release-1.15 since this release


  • Remove GKE cloud provider
  • Add magnum cloud provider
  • Update aws RefreshInterval to 1 minute
  • GCE cloud provider performance improvements (mostly reducing number of API calls)
  • Consider GPU utilization in scaling down (--scale-down-gpu-utilization-threshold arg)
  • Support for T4 and P4 gpu types on GCP
  • PredicateChecker performance improvements
  • Ignore taints added from TaintNodesByCondition when considering a node as a Node Group template
  • Add --ignore-taint allowing explicitly listing taints to be ignored by CA when building template node info
  • Look up Azure instance types case-insensitively
  • Implement functionality which delays node deletion when node has annotation with prefix ''
  • Cache cloud provider node instances in cluster state between loops
  • Many Bugfixes
  • Documentation fixes


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