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@losipiuk losipiuk released this Sep 9, 2019 · 16 commits to cluster-autoscaler-release-1.16 since this release

Changes (since 1.15.0):

  • General
    • Use distroless base image
    • Delaying k8s events in the case of scaleup and scaleup error
    • Move pod packing in upcoming nodes to RunOnce from Estimator for performance improvements
    • Use NodeDiskPressure conditino instead of NodeOutOfDisk
    • Stop disabling Cluster Autoscaler when there are no ready nodes.
    • Performance improvements
    • Ignore nodes that have no ProviderID
    • Tolerate small differences in memory capacity when comparing nodes for similarity
    • add DigitalOcean cloud provider
    • add Magnum cloud provider
    • add Packet cloud provider
  • AKS:
    • Fix race conditions when checking the VMSS size
    • Allow scaling multiple vmss synchronously
    • Add MixedInstancesPolicy struct to better handle instance type
  • EKS:
    • Update c5,i3en,m5,r5 instance types
    • correctly handle lack of capacity of AWS spot ASGs
    • Update AWS SDK to 1.23.12
  • Alibaba:
    • Fix node similarity comparison


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