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Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package workqueue
import (
utilruntime ""
// DelayingInterface is an Interface that can Add an item at a later time. This makes it easier to
// requeue items after failures without ending up in a hot-loop.
type DelayingInterface interface {
// AddAfter adds an item to the workqueue after the indicated duration has passed
AddAfter(item interface{}, duration time.Duration)
// NewDelayingQueue constructs a new workqueue with delayed queuing ability
func NewDelayingQueue() DelayingInterface {
return newDelayingQueue(clock.RealClock{}, "")
func NewNamedDelayingQueue(name string) DelayingInterface {
return newDelayingQueue(clock.RealClock{}, name)
func newDelayingQueue(clock clock.Clock, name string) DelayingInterface {
ret := &delayingType{
Interface: NewNamed(name),
clock: clock,
heartbeat: clock.NewTicker(maxWait),
stopCh: make(chan struct{}),
waitingForAddCh: make(chan *waitFor, 1000),
metrics: newRetryMetrics(name),
go ret.waitingLoop()
return ret
// delayingType wraps an Interface and provides delayed re-enquing
type delayingType struct {
// clock tracks time for delayed firing
clock clock.Clock
// stopCh lets us signal a shutdown to the waiting loop
stopCh chan struct{}
// heartbeat ensures we wait no more than maxWait before firing
heartbeat clock.Ticker
// waitingForAddCh is a buffered channel that feeds waitingForAdd
waitingForAddCh chan *waitFor
// metrics counts the number of retries
metrics retryMetrics
// waitFor holds the data to add and the time it should be added
type waitFor struct {
data t
readyAt time.Time
// index in the priority queue (heap)
index int
// waitForPriorityQueue implements a priority queue for waitFor items.
// waitForPriorityQueue implements heap.Interface. The item occurring next in
// time (i.e., the item with the smallest readyAt) is at the root (index 0).
// Peek returns this minimum item at index 0. Pop returns the minimum item after
// it has been removed from the queue and placed at index Len()-1 by
// container/heap. Push adds an item at index Len(), and container/heap
// percolates it into the correct location.
type waitForPriorityQueue []*waitFor
func (pq waitForPriorityQueue) Len() int {
return len(pq)
func (pq waitForPriorityQueue) Less(i, j int) bool {
return pq[i].readyAt.Before(pq[j].readyAt)
func (pq waitForPriorityQueue) Swap(i, j int) {
pq[i], pq[j] = pq[j], pq[i]
pq[i].index = i
pq[j].index = j
// Push adds an item to the queue. Push should not be called directly; instead,
// use `heap.Push`.
func (pq *waitForPriorityQueue) Push(x interface{}) {
n := len(*pq)
item := x.(*waitFor)
item.index = n
*pq = append(*pq, item)
// Pop removes an item from the queue. Pop should not be called directly;
// instead, use `heap.Pop`.
func (pq *waitForPriorityQueue) Pop() interface{} {
n := len(*pq)
item := (*pq)[n-1]
item.index = -1
*pq = (*pq)[0:(n - 1)]
return item
// Peek returns the item at the beginning of the queue, without removing the
// item or otherwise mutating the queue. It is safe to call directly.
func (pq waitForPriorityQueue) Peek() interface{} {
return pq[0]
// ShutDown gives a way to shut off this queue
func (q *delayingType) ShutDown() {
// AddAfter adds the given item to the work queue after the given delay
func (q *delayingType) AddAfter(item interface{}, duration time.Duration) {
// don't add if we're already shutting down
if q.ShuttingDown() {
// immediately add things with no delay
if duration <= 0 {
select {
case <-q.stopCh:
// unblock if ShutDown() is called
case q.waitingForAddCh <- &waitFor{data: item, readyAt: q.clock.Now().Add(duration)}:
// maxWait keeps a max bound on the wait time. It's just insurance against weird things happening.
// Checking the queue every 10 seconds isn't expensive and we know that we'll never end up with an
// expired item sitting for more than 10 seconds.
const maxWait = 10 * time.Second
// waitingLoop runs until the workqueue is shutdown and keeps a check on the list of items to be added.
func (q *delayingType) waitingLoop() {
defer utilruntime.HandleCrash()
// Make a placeholder channel to use when there are no items in our list
never := make(<-chan time.Time)
waitingForQueue := &waitForPriorityQueue{}
waitingEntryByData := map[t]*waitFor{}
for {
if q.Interface.ShuttingDown() {
now := q.clock.Now()
// Add ready entries
for waitingForQueue.Len() > 0 {
entry := waitingForQueue.Peek().(*waitFor)
if entry.readyAt.After(now) {
entry = heap.Pop(waitingForQueue).(*waitFor)
// Set up a wait for the first item's readyAt (if one exists)
nextReadyAt := never
if waitingForQueue.Len() > 0 {
entry := waitingForQueue.Peek().(*waitFor)
nextReadyAt = q.clock.After(entry.readyAt.Sub(now))
select {
case <-q.stopCh:
case <-q.heartbeat.C():
// continue the loop, which will add ready items
case <-nextReadyAt:
// continue the loop, which will add ready items
case waitEntry := <-q.waitingForAddCh:
if waitEntry.readyAt.After(q.clock.Now()) {
insert(waitingForQueue, waitingEntryByData, waitEntry)
} else {
drained := false
for !drained {
select {
case waitEntry := <-q.waitingForAddCh:
if waitEntry.readyAt.After(q.clock.Now()) {
insert(waitingForQueue, waitingEntryByData, waitEntry)
} else {
drained = true
// insert adds the entry to the priority queue, or updates the readyAt if it already exists in the queue
func insert(q *waitForPriorityQueue, knownEntries map[t]*waitFor, entry *waitFor) {
// if the entry already exists, update the time only if it would cause the item to be queued sooner
existing, exists := knownEntries[]
if exists {
if existing.readyAt.After(entry.readyAt) {
existing.readyAt = entry.readyAt
heap.Fix(q, existing.index)
heap.Push(q, entry)
knownEntries[] = entry