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Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package workqueue
import (
// This file provides abstractions for setting the provider (e.g., prometheus)
// of metrics.
type queueMetrics interface {
add(item t)
get(item t)
done(item t)
// GaugeMetric represents a single numerical value that can arbitrarily go up
// and down.
type GaugeMetric interface {
// SettableGaugeMetric represents a single numerical value that can arbitrarily go up
// and down. (Separate from GaugeMetric to preserve backwards compatibility.)
type SettableGaugeMetric interface {
// CounterMetric represents a single numerical value that only ever
// goes up.
type CounterMetric interface {
// SummaryMetric captures individual observations.
type SummaryMetric interface {
type noopMetric struct{}
func (noopMetric) Inc() {}
func (noopMetric) Dec() {}
func (noopMetric) Set(float64) {}
func (noopMetric) Observe(float64) {}
// defaultQueueMetrics expects the caller to lock before setting any metrics.
type defaultQueueMetrics struct {
clock clock.Clock
// current depth of a workqueue
depth GaugeMetric
// total number of adds handled by a workqueue
adds CounterMetric
// how long an item stays in a workqueue
latency SummaryMetric
// how long processing an item from a workqueue takes
workDuration SummaryMetric
addTimes map[t]time.Time
processingStartTimes map[t]time.Time
// how long have current threads been working?
unfinishedWorkSeconds SettableGaugeMetric
longestRunningProcessor SettableGaugeMetric
func (m *defaultQueueMetrics) add(item t) {
if m == nil {
if _, exists := m.addTimes[item]; !exists {
m.addTimes[item] = m.clock.Now()
func (m *defaultQueueMetrics) get(item t) {
if m == nil {
m.processingStartTimes[item] = m.clock.Now()
if startTime, exists := m.addTimes[item]; exists {
delete(m.addTimes, item)
func (m *defaultQueueMetrics) done(item t) {
if m == nil {
if startTime, exists := m.processingStartTimes[item]; exists {
delete(m.processingStartTimes, item)
func (m *defaultQueueMetrics) updateUnfinishedWork() {
// Note that a summary metric would be better for this, but prometheus
// doesn't seem to have non-hacky ways to reset the summary metrics.
var total float64
var oldest float64
for _, t := range m.processingStartTimes {
age := m.sinceInMicroseconds(t)
total += age
if age > oldest {
oldest = age
// Convert to seconds; microseconds is unhelpfully granular for this.
total /= 1000000
m.longestRunningProcessor.Set(oldest) // in microseconds.
type noMetrics struct{}
func (noMetrics) add(item t) {}
func (noMetrics) get(item t) {}
func (noMetrics) done(item t) {}
func (noMetrics) updateUnfinishedWork() {}
// Gets the time since the specified start in microseconds.
func (m *defaultQueueMetrics) sinceInMicroseconds(start time.Time) float64 {
return float64(m.clock.Since(start).Nanoseconds() / time.Microsecond.Nanoseconds())
type retryMetrics interface {
type defaultRetryMetrics struct {
retries CounterMetric
func (m *defaultRetryMetrics) retry() {
if m == nil {
// MetricsProvider generates various metrics used by the queue.
type MetricsProvider interface {
NewDepthMetric(name string) GaugeMetric
NewAddsMetric(name string) CounterMetric
NewLatencyMetric(name string) SummaryMetric
NewWorkDurationMetric(name string) SummaryMetric
NewUnfinishedWorkSecondsMetric(name string) SettableGaugeMetric
NewLongestRunningProcessorMicrosecondsMetric(name string) SettableGaugeMetric
NewRetriesMetric(name string) CounterMetric
type noopMetricsProvider struct{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewDepthMetric(name string) GaugeMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewAddsMetric(name string) CounterMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewLatencyMetric(name string) SummaryMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewWorkDurationMetric(name string) SummaryMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewUnfinishedWorkSecondsMetric(name string) SettableGaugeMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewLongestRunningProcessorMicrosecondsMetric(name string) SettableGaugeMetric {
return noopMetric{}
func (_ noopMetricsProvider) NewRetriesMetric(name string) CounterMetric {
return noopMetric{}
var globalMetricsFactory = queueMetricsFactory{
metricsProvider: noopMetricsProvider{},
type queueMetricsFactory struct {
metricsProvider MetricsProvider
onlyOnce sync.Once
func (f *queueMetricsFactory) setProvider(mp MetricsProvider) {
f.onlyOnce.Do(func() {
f.metricsProvider = mp
func (f *queueMetricsFactory) newQueueMetrics(name string, clock clock.Clock) queueMetrics {
mp := f.metricsProvider
if len(name) == 0 || mp == (noopMetricsProvider{}) {
return noMetrics{}
return &defaultQueueMetrics{
clock: clock,
depth: mp.NewDepthMetric(name),
adds: mp.NewAddsMetric(name),
latency: mp.NewLatencyMetric(name),
workDuration: mp.NewWorkDurationMetric(name),
unfinishedWorkSeconds: mp.NewUnfinishedWorkSecondsMetric(name),
longestRunningProcessor: mp.NewLongestRunningProcessorMicrosecondsMetric(name),
addTimes: map[t]time.Time{},
processingStartTimes: map[t]time.Time{},
func newRetryMetrics(name string) retryMetrics {
var ret *defaultRetryMetrics
if len(name) == 0 {
return ret
return &defaultRetryMetrics{
retries: globalMetricsFactory.metricsProvider.NewRetriesMetric(name),
// SetProvider sets the metrics provider for all subsequently created work
// queues. Only the first call has an effect.
func SetProvider(metricsProvider MetricsProvider) {