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dims and k8s-publishing-bot Move from glog to klog
- Move from the old github.com/golang/glog to k8s.io/klog
- klog as explicit InitFlags() so we add them as necessary
- we update the other repositories that we vendor that made a similar
change from glog to klog
  * github.com/kubernetes/repo-infra
  * k8s.io/gengo/
  * k8s.io/kube-openapi/
  * github.com/google/cadvisor
- Entirely remove all references to glog
- Fix some tests by explicit InitFlags in their init() methods

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Workqueue Example

This example demonstrates how to write a controller which follows the states of watched resources.

It demonstrates how to:

  • combine the workqueue with a cache to a full controller
  • synchronize the controller on startup

The example is based on https://git.k8s.io/community/contributors/devel/controllers.md.


# if outside of the cluster
go run *.go -kubeconfig=/my/config -logtostderr=true