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Using with kubeadm

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.


  • kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl has been installed.


  • Create the kubeadm config file. You can find an example at manifests/controller-manager/kubeadm.conf

  • Create the cloud config file /etc/kubernetes/cloud-config on each node. You can find an example file in manifests/controller-manager/cloud-config.

    /etc/kubernetes/cloud-config is the default cloud config file path used by controller-manager and kubelet.

  • Bootstrap the cluster on the master node.

    kubeadm init --config kubeadm.conf
  • Boostrap any additional master nodes and worker nodes. You will need to add KUBELET_EXTRA_ARGS="--cloud-provider=external" to /etc/default/kubelet (/etc/sysconfig/kubelet for RPMs) before running kubeadm join.

  • Create a secret containing the cloud configuration for cloud-controller-manager.

    cp /etc/kubernetes/cloud-config cloud.conf
    kubectl create secret generic -n kube-system cloud-config --from-file=cloud.conf
  • Create RBAC resources and cloud-controller-manager deamonset.

    kubectl apply -f
    kubectl apply -f
    kubectl apply -f
  • Install a CNI This example uses weavenet. Note: The example kubeadm configuration is set to use CIDR range of So we're specifying env.IPALLOC_RANGE here in addition to the version for weavenet.

    kubectl apply -f "$(kubectl version | base64 | tr -d '\n')&env.IPALLOC_RANGE="
  • After the cloud-controller-manager deamonset and CNI are up and running, the node taint above will be removed. You can also see some more information in the node label.

Where to go from here

Create Persistent Volume Claims using using Cinder Container Storage Interface

Encrypt Secrets at rest using the Barbican KMS plugin

Expose appliactions using service type Load Balancer

Route applications at layer 7 using Octavia Ingress Controller

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