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Kubernetes vSphere Cloud Provider

vSphere Cloud Controller Manager

This repository contains the Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for vSphere.

This project replaces the deprecated in-tree vSphere cloud provider located within the Kubernetes repository. If you want to create issues or pull requests for the in-tree cloud provider, please go to the Kubernetes repository.

There is ongoing work for refactoring cloud providers out of the upstream repository. For more details, please check this KEP.


Get started with Cloud controller manager for vSphere with Kubeadm with this quickstart.

Quickstart using Helm

Get started with Cloud controller manager for vSphere using Helm with this Helm quickstart.


Documentation on how to install and use the Kubernetes vSphere Cloud Provider is located on the docs site.

Building the cloud provider

This section outlines how to build the cloud provider with and without Docker.

Building locally

Build locally with the following command:

$ git clone && \
  make -C cloud-provider-vsphere

The project uses Go modules and:

  • Requires Go 1.11+
  • Should not be cloned into the $GOPATH

Building with Docker

It is also possible to build the cloud provider with Docker in order to ensure a clean build environment:

$ git clone && \
  make -C cloud-provider-vsphere build-with-docker

Container images

Official releases of the vSphere Cloud Controller Manager container image can be found at:

The very latest builds from the tip of master, which may not be stable, can be found at:


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.

vSphere storage support

Out of tree cloud providers no longer provide native storage support. Instead, a Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver is required. The vSphere CSI driver is located here.