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Cloud provider for vSphere

Cloud controller manager for vSphere

This repository provides tools and scripts for building and testing Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for vSphere. The project is under development and should not be used in production.

The vSphere cloud provider code locates at Kubernetes repository directory. If you want to create issues or pull requests for cloud provider, please go to Kubernetes repository.

There is an ongoing work for refactoring cloud providers out of the upstream repository. For more details, please check this KEP.

Building the cloud provider

This section outlines how to build the cloud provider with and without Docker.

Building locally

Clone this repository to $GOPATH/src/ Please note that this path is not the same as the project's location in GitHub. Failing to clone the repository to the prescribed path causes the Go dependency tool dep and builds to fail.

$ make

Building with Docker

It is also possible to build the cloud provider with Docker in order to ensure a clean build environment. When building with Docker this repository may be cloned anywhere in or out of the $GOPATH. For example, the following script clones and builds the cloud-provider using a temporary directory:

Note: Python is used to resolve the temporary directory's real path. This step is required on macOS due to Docker's restrictions on which directories can be shared with a container. The script has been tested on Linux as well.

$ cd $(python -c "import os; print(os.path.realpath('$(mktemp -d)'))") && \
  git clone . && \

The dep tool hangs

The dep tool may freeze when running locally and not via the hack/ command that uses the Docker image. If this happens, please check the following:

  1. The repository must be cloned to $GOPATH/src/ This is not the same path as the project's location in GitHub, but rather reflects the project's Go packages' vanity import path.
  2. The Mercurial client hg must be installed in order to fetch the dependency Otherwise dep will hang indefinitely without any indication as to the reason.


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.


Currently this repository is used for building and testing cloud-controller-manager for vSphere, it references vSphere cloud provider implementation code as vendor dir. After handoff, the vSphere cloud provider implementation will be moved here.