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sig-architecture Update sig-api-machinery, sig-apps and sig-architecture zoom meeting … Mar 23, 2020
sig-auth Update sig-auth, sig-autoscaling, sig-cli and sig-cloud-provider zoom… Mar 24, 2020
sig-autoscaling Update sig-auth, sig-autoscaling, sig-cli and sig-cloud-provider zoom… Mar 24, 2020
sig-cli Update sig-auth, sig-autoscaling, sig-cli and sig-cloud-provider zoom… Mar 24, 2020
sig-cloud-provider Update sig-cloud-provider zoom links Mar 26, 2020
sig-cluster-lifecycle Update sig-cluster-lifecycle zoom links Mar 26, 2020
sig-contributor-experience Merge pull request #4544 from mrbobbytables/update-community-maintenance Feb 26, 2020
sig-docs Update sig-docs/ Mar 8, 2020
sig-instrumentation Add piosz as emeritus SIG Instrumentation lead Mar 5, 2020
sig-multicluster Update sig-multicluster zoom links Mar 26, 2020
sig-network Merge pull request #4608 from robscott/service-apis-office-hours Mar 13, 2020
sig-node Retire rktlet subproject Dec 19, 2019
sig-pm Generate all SIG/WG READMEs Oct 5, 2019
sig-release Uses the correct method to adjust how the sig names are generated Mar 6, 2020
sig-scalability Update sig-scalability meeting timezone and dates Mar 27, 2020
sig-scheduling Fix a typo of scheduler-plugins repo Mar 26, 2020
sig-service-catalog change SIG Service Catalog meetings to old time; make biweekly Feb 3, 2020
sig-storage Update sig-storage and sig-testing zoom meeting links Mar 17, 2020
sig-testing Update sig-storage and sig-testing zoom meeting links Mar 17, 2020
sig-ui update jeefy's employer Jan 28, 2020
sig-usability Update SIG Usability meeting time (#4402) Jan 15, 2020
sig-windows Update SIG-Windows chair information Mar 6, 2020
ug-big-data Run make to use new generator templates Aug 8, 2019
ug-vmware-users Add Meeting Notes Link to VMware UG Feb 6, 2020
wg-apply Run make to use new generator templates Aug 8, 2019
wg-component-standard Document component-standard issues /w custom content Jan 28, 2020
wg-data-protection update wg-data-protection information Feb 10, 2020
wg-iot-edge Updated Security Challenges link in Publications section Oct 11, 2019
wg-k8s-infra Adding Bart Smykla as co-chair for wg-k8s-infra Nov 2, 2019
wg-lts Update youngnick affilliation Sep 10, 2019
wg-machine-learning Update ML-WG org. Jan 4, 2020
wg-multitenancy Generate all SIG/WG READMEs Oct 5, 2019
wg-policy Update wg-policy chairs. Feb 5, 2020
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SECURITY_CONTACTS Update embargo doc link in SECURITY_OWNERS and changes PST to PSC Mar 8, 2019
SIG-diagram.png Update SIG-diagram with up-to-date information Sep 30, 2019
SIG-diagram.svg Add SVG version of the SIG-diagram Sep 30, 2019 Link to CoCC from our CoC page Dec 5, 2018 Update URL to just "expectations" so the URL reads right in the contrib Jul 29, 2019
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go.sum Upgrade to May 3, 2019 removed 'big data' from sig list on gov doc Mar 7, 2020 Move existing github related docs to dedicated folder Jun 21, 2018
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Kubernetes Community

Welcome to the Kubernetes community!

This is the starting point for joining and contributing to the Kubernetes community - improving docs, improving code, giving talks etc.

To learn more about the project structure and organization, please refer to Project Governance information.


The communication page lists communication channels like chat, issues, mailing lists, conferences, etc.

For more specific topics, try a SIG.


Kubernetes has the following types of groups that are officially supported:

  • Committees are named sets of people that are chartered to take on sensitive topics. This group is encouraged to be as open as possible while achieving its mission but, because of the nature of the topics discussed, private communications are allowed. Examples of committees include the steering committee and things like security or code of conduct.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are persistent open groups that focus on a part of the project. SIGs must have open and transparent proceedings. Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute provided they follow the Kubernetes Code of Conduct. The purpose of a SIG is to own and develop a set of subprojects.
    • Subprojects Each SIG can have a set of subprojects. These are smaller groups that can work independently. Some subprojects will be part of the main Kubernetes deliverables while others will be more speculative and live in the kubernetes-sigs github org.
  • Working Groups are temporary groups that are formed to address issues that cross SIG boundaries. Working groups do not own any code or other long term artifacts. Working groups can report back and act through involved SIGs.
  • User Groups are groups for facilitating communication and discovery of information related to topics that have long term relevance to large groups of Kubernetes users. They do not have ownership of parts of the Kubernetes code base.

See the full governance doc for more details on these groups.

A SIG can have its own policy for contribution, described in a README or CONTRIBUTING file in the SIG folder in this repo (e.g. sig-cli/, and its own mailing list, slack channel, etc.

If you want to edit details about a SIG (e.g. its weekly meeting time or its leads), please follow these instructions that detail how our docs are auto-generated.

Learn to Build

Links in contributors/devel/ lead to many relevant technical topics.


A first step to contributing is to pick from the list of kubernetes SIGs. Start attending SIG meetings, join the slack channel and subscribe to the mailing list. SIGs will often have a set of "help wanted" issues that can help new contributors get involved.

The Contributor Guide provides detailed instruction on how to get your ideas and bug fixes seen and accepted, including:

  1. How to file an issue
  2. How to find something to work on
  3. How to open a pull request


We encourage all contributors to become members. We aim to grow an active, healthy community of contributors, reviewers, and code owners. Learn more about requirements and responsibilities of membership in our Community Membership page.


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